How To Cope When Your Spouse Is In Jail

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Mistakes happen, people do stupid things, and sometimes those mistakes and stupid things result in jail time. Although this is hard for the person serving the jail sentence, it shouldn’t be forgotten that it will also be hard for those outside, especially when there are children or shared assets involved. 

Although you hope it would never happen, the future is impossible to predict, and that’s why it’s helpful to know how to copy if your spouse goes to jail. Read on for some ideas about how to deal with this situation should it ever happen to you. 

Join A Support Group 

In the past, there wouldn’t have been any kind of help for the spouses or partners of those who had been sent to jail, but the world has moved on, and it’s a more compassionate place in many ways. This is evidenced by the fact that there are support groups set up expressly for those who do have loved ones who have been incarcerated. 

Sometimes it’s good to know you’re not alone, and even if you don’t attend regularly or you don’t contribute to the group discussions when you’re there, you can still get a lot out of listening and knowing that your situation is not unique and is understood. Of course, if you do take part in discussions, it can help you even more. 

Stay Connected

It can be hard to keep your relationship strong when you’re apart and one of you is in jail. Yet it’s crucial that you try to stay connected as much as possible. Not only will this help you to ensure that your spouse is doing okay, but it will improve your own mental health as well. Being alone can take its toll. 

Depending on the crime that your spouse committed and the level of security needed, it might be possible to send emails to your spouse, which is a great idea as it means you can write down everything you need to say and get it off your chest. Phone calls might also be possible, and it will be good for you to hear one another’s voices. Of course, it might be that neither of these things is possible, but if that’s the case, then jail mail is a possibility; you can write letters to one another. No matter how you do it, staying in touch is vital. 

Get Counseling 

Professional counseling might be the best option if you’re struggling with the separation of your spouse being in jail or if you have more practical concerns such as finances and housing.

Unlike in a support group, you can speak on a one-to-one basis with a counselor who will be able to help you by providing you with the information you need to move forward. If you’re at risk of being overwhelmed by the problem, it’s best to speak to someone who can prevent this from happening and provide the emotional support you need. It can be hard to admit your feelings to a stranger, but once you take the first step and begin counseling, you’ll understand how useful it can be. 

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