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How To Cope With Anxiety

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You may have felt anxious feelings before but have you ever felt the worry that comes with true anxiety. The knot in your stomach, the fluttering of your heart and the weight in your chest that makes you feel miserable are all signs of anxiety. Your palms are sweaty and you can feel the upset you’re confronted with, and you feel like every single task is overwhelming and stressful. Anxiety is the natural response that our bodies have to stress in our lives. Recognizing and understanding the triggers behind your anxiety is important if you want to get through it. Everyone has different triggers to anxiety and you can reflect and be calm once you understand what yours are.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get through anxiety. There are some people who turn to medication and natural medications like CBD to get through their anxiety. There are others who run on the treadmill to burn through it. You may need to research the best CBD overall to help you with your anxiety, but you need to have solutions that work for you. With this in mind here are some of the ways that you can cope with your anxiety and get through it rather than just bury it. Let’s take a look:

Remember to question your thinking. A big part of anxiety is in feeling those negative and all-consuming thoughts. When you allow the anxiety to take over, the negative thoughts will take root in your mind and make you feel like the severity of the situation is completely distorted. Challenging your thinking and your feelings is a good place to start to take back control.

Keep focusing on your breathing. Believe it or not, you can get a lot out of focusing on your breathing. Breathing in for four counts and breathing out for five for five minutes a day will make a huge difference to the way that you feel. Evening out your breathing can help you to slow your heart and enhance your calm, and this will help to bring that heart rate down. 

Aromatherapy is going to make a difference, even if it’s not something you’ve experienced before. Whether in the form of a candle, oils or incense, you can really benefit from breathing in those scents like lavender, sandalwood or chamomile. These are scents that can be very soothing to you, and it’s important that you ease your anxiety in the best way that you know how.

Get out there and walk. Walking is going to help you to burn off an excess of adrenaline, which is often negative to feel. Focusing on your body is going to help you to feel good about the situation going on around you, and walking gives you a good amount of fresh air.

Start journaling as much as possible. Writing down your thoughts is sometimes the best therapy that you need above everything else in life. When you write down the things that you feel, you get to read them over and over and solve your own problems. When you can see the things that are making you anxious, you can learn to work on them properly. This is a particularly good relaxation trick that can make you feel as if you are getting through your worries.

Anxiety may be something that is ingrained into your life or a big part of it, and if it is, you need to work on strategies that will help you to pull yourself out of it. Sure, you can find it hard, but nothing worth having is ever easy, and when you can properly identify the challenges and triggers, you can learn to get through them. There are some things that you can do to work on ensuring that your anxiety is something you can get through and if you’re not sure where to start, a therapist is a good place to have a conversation.

Identifying The Triggers

A therapist can help you to identify the triggers that are causing your anxiety. Some of these triggers can be obvious, and others are less obvious. Some people find smoking and drinking a trigger for anxiety where others will vape CBD and feel relaxed. Long term issues like work and a troubled home environment can trigger anxiety, too, and if you know what the catalyst is, you can work on it and make life feel far easier. When you do figure out what those triggers are, limiting your exposure for those triggers will be the best thing that you can do. Some of the most common triggers for anxiety include:

Long drives and lots of commuting

Stressful working environments

Certain medication side effects

Drug withdrawal

Trauma in your life

Phobia and fear

Chronic illness



Mental illnesses like depression

CBT and Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you to learn different ways of thinking and reacting to your anxiety. Therapists will help you to develop ways you can change those thought patterns and behaviors before they spiral out of control. Talking therapies can also help you to work through those anxieties in the same way that writing in a journal can do. When you can control your behaviors, you can find a better balance and learn to feel calm rather than anxious. 

Consider Medication

Some people choose to turn to medication instead of therapies. While this takes some time to come to terms with, you can regularly take medication that will train your brain to get rid of the anxiety before it takes over. Medication isn’t the first choice for many people, not when CBD and other natural options are the right thing to do first. If you can speak to a doctor, talk about medication and what you can do to help yourself. 

Use Exercise

Movement can very much help you to control your feeling of anxiety. Yoga can be the best thing that you can do to calm your mind, especially if you are looking to find a little more of a center for yourself. Anxiety is often a huge build up of adrenaline and it has nowhere to go, so when you practice yoga, you are able to practice moving your body with mindfulness in mind. Yoga is a practice of concentration and you should consider how you can make your anxiety feel better as a result. 

Supplement Your Diet

Changing up your diet is important, but adding supplements can make a big difference. Research does show that supplements like lemon balm, omega-3 fatty acids and valerian root can help. Valerian root, for example, is able to help you to sleep, and when you really need something to help, try chocolate! It can take some time for supplements to build up and work in your system, so make sure that you are discussing these with your doctor.

Find A Balance

In your eating and drinking water, you need to find as much of a balance as possible. You need enough sleep, enough to eat and drink and you need to make sure that you are fully fuelled. Anxiety can often be the result of not being nourished or hydrated enough.

When it comes down to it, your anxiety could be harming you and your mental health. You need to learn what type of anxiety you’re dealing with because everyone deals with it at some point or another. If you are worrying that you are experiencing anxiety, the very first thing that you should do is consult with a doctor. The way you cope with it is important, and knowing the difference between a panic attack and anxiety is so important if you want to recover from it. You can close your eyes and go to your happy place when you learn the difference, and when you understand your reasons behind anxiety, you can learn to avoid it, 

We’re not suggesting that you quit your job if you are anxious because of career issues, or leave your marriage because you are anxious due to that. The point is that you have to be able to identify the root of your anxiety if you hope to overcome it. Once you know how to overcome it, that’s when the real work starts. Learning to feel happy in your day to day life is so important to getting through your anxious feelings, and the more you work on yourself that way, the easier you will feel about the anxiety that you’re experiencing in your life. 

Anxiety is not a joke and it’s not something that you should ignore if you can help it. In fact, anxiety is something you need to learn to overcome and once you do, you can feel better about your day to day emotions and changes to those emotions. Take the time to learn the limits you have and once you learn them, you can get through it and learn how to cope before the anxiety takes over.

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