How to Properly Store CBD Oil

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CBD oil is quickly becoming one of the most popular all-natural substances which can be used to addressed numerous health concerns. From insomnia and arthritis to an upset stomach and maintaining strong bones, CBD is already consumed by millions of individuals on a daily basis. Depending upon the manufacturer and the concentration, there are times when CBD oil may be slightly expensive. This is why knowing how to extend its lifespan is an important topic to address. What expert storage tips should you keep in mind and are there any concerns about its long-term efficacy? Let’s read on to take a look at what the industry experts have to say.
How Long Wil CBD Oil Last?

Does CBD oil go bad? Similar to other herbal oils and natural remedies, any type of CBD oil is associated with a specific lifespan. However, the chances are high that you will consume the oil long before you need to be concerned about any type of expiration date. From a general point of view, the majority of formulations will last for a minimum of 12 months before their potencies begin to drop. This partially depends upon your storage methods, which brings us to the crux of this article.

How Should You Properly Store CBD Oil?

Storing CBD oil does not represent rocket science in any way, shape of form. Much like other perishable supplements, make certain that it is placed within a cool and dry location that will not be subject to direct sunlight (ultraviolet rays can degrade the active ingredients contained within CBD oil). In other words, storing your oil within a cabinet or pantry is normally fine.

What About the Refrigerator?

Some research has shown that CBD oil stored within a refrigerator may be associated with a slightly longer lifespan. The only issue here is that cold temperatures will increase the viscosity (thickness) of the oil; making it difficult to extract. In this case, simply place the capsule within a bowl of warm water and allow it to soften up before use.

How to Know if Your Oil Has Gone Bad

Let us assume for a moment that you have recently come across a batch of CBD oil that has been stored for more than a year. What are some of the signs that it may have gone “off”? Much like other foods, you will normally be able to tell by the smell (a rancid odour will normally signal that the oil should be discarded). If you happen to notice that the solution has become cloudy or discoloured, it is always best to avoid using it. The potency will likely no longer produce results.

Knowing how to properly store your CBD oil will help to ensure that its potency is not affected between uses. However, there are few special requirements associated with this substance, so storage methods are generally straightforward. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to contact the supplier directly.

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