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How To Take Better Care Of Your Feet

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While we are constantly reminded to put together a skincare routine or drink more water to improve hydration, foot care and hygiene is something that is often forgotten or ignored entirely. However, taking care of your feet is more important than you think – after all, we rely on them to go from place to place! 

With that in mind, here are some easy ways in which you can begin to take better care of your feet. 

Keep them clean. This is perhaps the most basic (and obvious) step towards happy, healthier feet. Whether you are trying to combat sweaty feet or have noticed that your skin is slightly dry, cleaning your feet every day is also a great way to combat various issues. So, grab some soap and scrub away! 

Dry them thoroughly. Whenever you step out of the shower, you must take some time to dry off your feet before you start getting ready for the day. Drying your feet (particularly between the toes) stops moisture from building up, which could otherwise lead to a wide range of problems, such as bacterial growth. 

Moisturize. Moisturizing often is one of the easiest ways to combat dry and cracked skin on your feet. While dry skin could be caused by a multitude of factors, such as poor hydration, athlete’s foot, exposure to heat, or even just standing up for too long – many of them can be combated by the daily application of moisturizer. 

Wear high-quality socks and shoes. Poor quality shoes can lead to various issues, such as swelling or painful blisters on your feet. Therefore, by investing in quality socks and shoes, you can quickly start taking better care of your feet. While they may be a little more expensive, quality products are always a worthwhile investment as they are often more durable, meaning they last a lot longer than cheaper alternatives. 

Trim down your toenails. Trimming your toenails is another simple way in which you can start taking better care of your feet, as it can help prevent ingrown toenails, which can cause lesions on your skin and lead to infection. It’s also much more hygienic to keep them neat and tidy. 

Stay comfortable. Comfortable feet are happy feet – which means it’s time to stop squeezing your toes into uncomfortable heels or shoes that don’t quite fit right. In fact, you should actively look out for shoes and socks that promote comfort above all else. For example, cashmere socks are warm, soft, and delicate – like a little hug for your feet. They can be worn around the house for some extra warmth when sleeping or underneath your shoes. 

Give yourself a break. Whether you are heading out on a daily run or walk to and from work, you’re likely to be on your feet for most of the day. Therefore, giving yourself a break and resting is a great way to start taking better care of your whole body (feet included) – and can help relieve any pain you may be feeling.

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