How to Talk to Your Partner About a Prenup Agreement

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A prenuptial agreement can help protect both spouses in a marriage in the event that the relationship ends in a divorce. However, having a conversation about signing this document isn’t always the most pleasant.

Talking to your partner about a prenup doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s explore how you can do so.

Don’t Waste Time

Unfortunately, many couples unnecessarily complicate prenuptial agreements by waiting as long as possible before they talk about them. For example, a common scenario might involve one spouse bringing up this topic months into their engagement.

As you might guess, this is something that both parties need to be on the same page on well before you decide to start the next chapter of your lives together.

So, it’s in your best interest to have this conversation as soon as it is clear to both of you that your relationship is advancing to the next stage. To be as safe as possible, it’s a conversation that you should have before you move forward with an engagement.

Discuss the Benefits

There are plenty of benefits that come with signing a prenuptial agreement. One of the most prominent is that you are able to protect non-marital assets.

This typically involves an inheritance, a business that one spouse owns, etc.

It’s not uncommon for an individual to have these assets divided with their spouse during a divorce if a prenuptial agreement was not in place.

Additionally, it allows you to fairly divide marital property in the event that your relationship dissolves. Otherwise, the judge’s ruling may be entirely one-sided.

This could result in you losing your home, your vehicle, or other important assets that you may have kept.

Illustrate Your Point

In order for your partner to understand why you would want a prenuptial agreement, you will likely need to convey it clearly to them. This means that this conversation should be centered around you illustrating the reasoning behind this desire.

For example, let’s assume that you have been previously married and the marriage ended in a painful divorce. Part of the complications that arose included an unfair division of assets that could have been prevented with a prenuptial agreement.

As long as you communicate this information, there is a good chance that your partner will begin to understand. In some cases, they may even begin to agree.

You can read more here to learn about the nuances of prenuptial agreements.

Talking to Your Partner About a Prenup Is Easier Than You Think

The above information will make sure it’s even easier for you. As long as you communicate clearly and respectfully, talking about a prenup shouldn’t prove to be an issue.

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