Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Applying For EU Citizenships

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Becoming an EU citizen is a much-coveted thing worldwide due to it allowing access to the internal market of over 500 million citizens. The European Union is a place for people from all over Europe to live, work and travel together. It is a place where people from different countries can share their cultures, traditions, and interests. As a result, there are numerous exciting things regarding application to this bloc.

Jus Sanguinis / Jus Soli

Each EU country has different methods of entry, but there are three specific methods that each country will oblige:

  • Jus soli: Or in English, “right of the ground.” Countries that follow this allow people born in the country to become citizens of that country. There are only four EU states that follow this principle: Belgium, Germany, Ireland, and Portugal. However, it isn’t so clear-cut. For example, each of these countries has different requirements concerning how long the parent must have stayed inside the country for their child to be granted jus soli citizenship, ranging from three years to ten.
  • Jus sanguinis: Or in English: “right of blood.” This is also known as citizenship by descent. If your parents were citizens of the countries that follow this particular rule, you would automatically become a citizen as a result.
  • Naturalization: This is somewhat similar to other countries because if you have first become a resident for several years, you can apply to become a citizen. This is regardless of any jus soli or jus sanguinis requirements. 

Access To The Internal Market

The European Union is the world’s largest single market, with a population of 500 million people, over 650 million products, and a gross domestic product of over $27 trillion. But not everyone is aware of the benefits that the European Union brings to the citizens of Europe. It is an impressive example of how the EU has tried to work for the benefit of all its citizens as a whole. The internal market means that goods and services can travel unhindered across the EU’s internal borders. It has helped improve and save money via the removal of complex customs checks. It has also helped have a single standard in product safety. By becoming a citizen means that you will have unhindered access to this market. This can be very beneficial if you own a business and want to invest and use the EU as a jumping point to access other large markets. 

Golden Visa Programs

Several EU countries offer a golden visa type program where once specific criteria are met, you can fast track your way to becoming a citizen. Each country will have its own conditions that must be met to gain this type of visa as well as requiring different investment amounts. For example, the Portugal Golden Visa requires you to invest at least 500,000 Euros in real estate and commit to supporting a certain amount in a business that employs locals. While other countries provide this type of visa, none are as flexible as Portugal’s which offers a much faster route from residency to citizenship. Other countries that provide this program include:

  • Spain.
  • Portugal.
  • Greece.
  • Italy.
  • Malta.
  • Switzerland.
  • Austria.
  • Belgium

A Citizen Of One Country Is A Citizen Of All

The exciting thing about EU citizenship is that you don’t merely become a member of one country. Instead, you are a member of all 27 states, including all of the rights that come with it. So, for example, if you decide to apply for the Portuguese path to nationality and you get it, you will get all of the benefits that Portugal offers and the entire bloc. This means that you can travel from state to state visa-free. You can even work in each member country.

Complete Working And Living Rights

European Union nationals, those who reside in the European Economic Area, and Swiss nationals are legally entitled to work and live anywhere in the EU. When you are not a citizen of the EU, it can be challenging and costly to obtain a sponsored visa. This means that nationality could be a better option if you plan to stay long term.

The Cost Of Tertiary Education Is Subsidised, And Scholarships Are Offered

Studying in the EU offers many benefits: reputable universities, opportunities for international networking, a variety of rich cultures, a high quality of life, and, of course, education is free or very inexpensive in 27 different countries. Social sciences, journalism, technology, business, government, and law are among the most popular subsidized degrees in the EU-27. In addition, the Erasmus program is a world-famous exchange program that helps students and academics expand their horizons and enhance their employment opportunities. More than 3 million people have used it since 2014. While this might not apply to you specifically, it could if you have dependent children.

Your Family Can Become Citizens Too

Once you become a national of one member state, you can apply for your family to join you without the subsequent processes. There are specific regulations, but for the most part, you can be with your family together. Eleven as the process is happening; they are permitted to stay in the country of your choice alongside you.

Right To Consular Protection

EU citizens living in another country with no representation may seek protection from any of their other EU country’s diplomatic or consular officials. The United States, China, and Russia are the only three countries with diplomatic representation on behalf of all 27 members. In addition, European Union citizens are often represented by embassies or consulates of their home countries in the rest of the world. As they would their nationals, EU member states must assist EU citizens during emergencies. In addition to everyday emergencies such as passport theft, serious accidents, and illness, protection is also available.

Customs Fast Tracking

You will appreciate an EU passport even more if you have ever had to stand in line with non-EU citizens before leaving an airport. This one can be a timesaver if you travel a lot, and if you are applying for business reasons, this is likely. In any event, you will be eligible for fast-tracking through all EU airports as long as you are an EU citizen.

Becoming a citizen of an EU country brings numerous benefits. There are multiple reasons to apply, of which gaining access to the world’s largest internal market is one. The fact that you can bring your family and you is also a massive benefit for those people with extended families.

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