Love and the Brain: What Love Does to the Mind

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Did you know that 50% of American adults were married in 2017? 88% of Americans’ top reason for marriage is falling in love. 

Have you experienced the powerful effects of love before? You might want to know how love and the brain are connected, how love changes the way you think. 

This guide will explain some of the effects love can have on your mind. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

It Creates a Feeling of Euphoria 

If you’re looking for signs you are in love, euphoria is one of the most common feelings you’ll experience. When you spend time or even think about your significant other your brain will release dopamine and trigger that excited ecstasy you feel with no one else. 

This can be best described with the limerence definition. Being madly in love changes your brain chemistry and gives you happiness in a new way. 

It Increases Feelings of Self Worth 

Love and mental health are connected because being in love can help improve how you feel about yourself. While you don’t need a relationship to feel good in your own skin, having a partner can increase your feelings of self-worth. 

When you have someone who loves you and sees how valuable you are it becomes easier to see that and feel it yourself as well. 

Love Makes You Feel Safe 

Another effect that love has on your brain is increasing your feelings of safety. When you’re in a healthy and loving relationship your mind develops a secure attachment to your partner. 

Developing that trusting bond with a person allows to you feel safe to be who you are, to be more vulnerable. Feeling safe is a great state to be in for maintaining good mental health. 

It Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle 

If you’re wondering how love affects your mood, you should know that it makes you a more determined and motivated person. When you’re surrounded by good and supportive people, including a romantic partner, you’ll feel motivated to reach the goals you set for yourself. 

This can include adopting more healthy habits like a better diet and becoming more physically active. A healthier lifestyle will improve your life in every way. 

It Reduces Stress 

Does love benefit your mental health in other ways? A solid relationship is known to reduce stress. 

The joyous feelings you experience when in love help to lower your stress. When you have a partner that supports you through difficult times it becomes easier to manage every challenge life throws your way. 

Everything You Should Know About Love and the Brain

Love and the brain are connected in many different ways. Love increases euphoric feelings in your brain. It also positively impacts mental health by increasing feelings of self-worth and reducing stress. 

Did you learn everything you wanted to know about the connection between love and the mind? If you did, make sure to check out some of the other love and relationship blogs on our site. 


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