Only Real Men Allowed: 3 Reasons to Join an Axe Throwing League

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Axe throwing has taken America by storm. Individuals of all ages are trying this sport and finding they love it. Fortunately, there are numerous places that now allow people to try their hand at throwing an axe. If you discover you love this sport, consider joining a league. Why would a person want to join a league and engage in this activity regularly?

Make New Friends

People who join an axe throwing league meet new people with similar interests. Those who take part in a league love this sport as much as you do and may want to spend additional time at the facility practicing skills. Many people who participate in a league make friends so they can do other things outside of axe throwing. Obviously, however, axe throwing is what brought you together, so this is one activity you will want to take part in regularly.

When people have others to join in an activity, they are more likely to take part frequently. The league consists of two-person teams, so each person gets to know their teammate better during the eight-week league. Furthermore, the league offers weekly rotating skills games. This means more time together and more fun, so look for axe throwing near me today.


A person cannot get enough exercise. Throwing an axe regularly is a great way to have fun and get a workout in at the same time. When a person throws an axe, they not only exercise their shoulders, their core muscles receive some much needed attention too. They aren’t the only parts of the body that benefit when you take part in a weekly axe throwing league. Men and women find their calves and hamstrings feel the burn. The blood starts pumping and the adrenaline flows. People find this activity serves as a great stress reliever as well.

Physically throwing an axe allows the person to release tension and aggression. The excitement when you hit the target is a great stress reliever, and people find they build confidence with each target they hit. With enough practice, a person might even find they lose some weight.

Suitable for All Ages

Anyone ten years or age or older can take part in an axe throwing league. Unfortunately, younger children typically don’t have what it takes to throw the axe and make it stick. That’s why the age recommendations are in place. As a rule, parents may need to be present with minors to sign a liability release. Furthermore, the facility may need to put age restrictions into place at certain times, as the facility wants to ensure everyone feels comfortable during their visit.

An axe throwing league allows the entire family to come together and take part in an activity they love. Ask about current age brackets to ensure the child will have others their age participating. If this isn’t the case, gather some friends together and speak with the facility to see if they can accommodate younger ages as part of an ongoing league. Many facilities will happily accommodate these requests.

Axe throwing serves as a fun family activity, and leagues are a great way to get more time engaging in this sport. Men, in particular, often spend their time at work and simply want to relax when they get home. Join a league and spend time with other men who enjoy similar things or take the family and join a league. Either way, you’re certain to have fun with a night at the axe throwing range. Check it out today.

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