Poolside Skin Care: Fight Chlorine And Sun Damage

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It’s getting closer to the time of year when we’ll want to book holidays and enjoy the sunshine at the poolside. For those of you that are yearning to do this but are scared of how your skin is going to look, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It’s actually quite a common concern to have because after a swim our skin is quite dry. The natural oils have been stripped from our skin and then, sunshine hits our skin without any hindrance. This can cause a lot of permanent damage to your skin. To still have great skin and look great by the poolside, follow this advice.

Protection from chlorine

Swimming pools have chlorine poured into the water to kill bacteria and keep them sanitized. However, chlorine absolutely devours the natural oils on our skin surface and then can cause dry itchy skin. To avoid dry flaky skin, you should apply a little bit of your sunscreen before you get into the water. Alternatively, you can apply coconut oil that will sit on your skin for longer, providing a protective barrier. If you have dry skin naturally, then you should seek to apply some kind of emollient. This is essentially a dense soap substitute that will lay on your skin for a few hours; allowing water you drink to be absorbed into the skin. To avoid an itchy scalp, just apply your normal conditioner to your hair, allow it to dry and then hop in the pool. It too will provide a barrier against the water and chlorine in the pool.

Be generous

If you’re poolside, chances are you’re at a hotel or holiday resort. So before you leave your room and go to the pool, you should apply moisturizer and allow it to set for at least 30 minutes. It’s all about layering! Apply your sunscreen to skin that has absorbed moisturizer only. If your sunscreen is stripped away, all that’s left is the natural oils that aren’t strong enough to stick around when you’re swimming and sunbathing. 

A tighter look

If you have already had some kind of sun damage that has caused wrinkles, some of the tips we have just given might not give you solace. However, you always have the option of pain-free Botox injections. This company has done over 100,000 procedures of this kind, so they have the experience that should give you confidence. This is a nice option for those that have lines and wrinkles in areas of their face that can’t necessarily be affected too much by moisturizing and anti-aging products. Things like crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, or lines around the nose are such examples.

In the shade

Poolside chairs usually have canopies and small umbrellas for shade. Use them! You should not be sunbathing for longer than 30-45 minutes anyway. So set an alarm on your phone for when this time is up and then get into the shade. Wait about 30-45 minutes before you sunbathe again. 

Protect your skin from the pool and the sun by doing these things. Remember to layer protective products onto your skin and you always have options for making your skin tighter if over-the-counter products don’t have an effect. 

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