Qualities to Look for When Buying a Garden Hose

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You may be gardening as a hobby or in preparation for selling your home. The more work you do, the more equipment you seem to need. Whilst a watering can might have been sufficient in the early days, perhaps it has outgrown its use. You may now have large flower beds, lawns, and trees to water, making it a back-breaking and time-consuming task. 

Whilst a novice may believe that all garden hoses are the same, this is not true. There’s quite a range, designed to suit a lot of different needs. If you are looking for one but needing some guidance, this article will help you discover the qualities you should look for. 


If you buy a hose reel, it can be light to carry and yet sturdy. It makes life easy when you need to retrieve the hose from storage, and it’s simple to rewind and return at the end. If you want it connected to a wall to save space, it’s possible to buy one complete with quick-assembly brackets. Once it’s installed, it can be swiveled for maximum maneuverability. 

Some reels hold two different hoses and also provide a number of different nozzle modes.   


If you leave your hose loose on the ground all year it will suffer from the changing temperatures. The result will be that it will become brittle and more likely to crack and leak. 

This is another benefit of having a hose reel with rubber wheels, as it can easily be transported indoors. It’s also worth knowing that the metal versions are less likely to develop leaks than the plastic ones. 

Thickness and Length

The thicker the hose (6-ply as opposed to 2-ply), the stronger it will be. Needless to say, this will be reflected in the price. A quality hose would be less likely to become kinked and cracked, thus enabling the water to flow more freely. You may choose a hose with a ⅝ of an inch diameter if you have a small to medium-sized garden. If it’s a lot bigger you’d be wise to choose one with a half-inch diameter. 

Length can also be an issue. It may be easy to use one that’s between 50 and 100 feet, but difficult to drag one that’s 250 feet. If you buy a hose reel it may have a retractable (automatic winding) mechanism to make things easier at the end. 

Water Hose Fittings

You will be connecting your hose to the faucet using either brass or plastic fitting (coupling). If you want something long-lasting and resistant to rust the brass option would be best. Whilst it won’t be so vulnerable to the weather, it would be heavier and more difficult to tighten. 

In contrast, plastic fittings are light and easy to connect. The downside is they don’t last as long, becoming cracked and broken over time.

You are now armed with the information you need to make your purchase. Whilst you can then focus on your garden style, be sure to regularly maintain the hose so you can reap the maximum benefit from it. 


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