The Benefits of Remaining an Indie Musician or Artist

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If you’re a musician or any other kind of artist, the idea of getting a manager and maybe a record label to sign you up might be appealing. It’s the goal for many, but does it really offer the benefits that most musicians and artists actually want today? Things have changed and that’s certainly true in the music industry. So today we’re going to take a look at the benefits of remaining an indie musician or indie artists and rejecting the corporate industry.

Retain Full Ownership of Your Work

One of the most important things about staying indie is that it allows you to retain full ownership of your music or your work. No one else owns it and no one else can make decisions about what happens to it. That’s a unique situation because once you sign up a label, you’re essentially signing away a lot of the control that you might otherwise have.

Fewer Industry Pressures and Limitations

There are plenty of industry pressures and limitations that can make life tough with you when you’re tied to a corporate structure. You don’t have as much control over your image and how you present yourself to the world, and you might find yourself fighting against those pressures. When you’re an indie artist, you can present yourself in the way that feels right and true to you.

Independent Distribution Has Never Been Easier

One of the things that people like most about being independent is the ability to distribute their art or music themselves. In the past that’s been a very tedious and complex task, but it’s actually easier now than it’s ever been before. You can get your music on Apple Music, Spotify and the other major streaming platforms relatively easily, and you’re in control.

You’ll be Free to Explore Alternative Revenue Streams

There are lots of ways of making money in the world of the arts and music. You can sell your music, of course. But you can also license it so it can be used in TV shows, movies and video games. You can have your own merchandise made and keep a bigger cut of the revenue. Those are all things that are not as easy or simply not possible when working with a music label.

You’ll Have Direct Access to Buyers and Fans Around the World

Finally, you’ll have more direct access to the people buying your work and your audience of fans. You can directly communicate and interact without having to take into account the wants and opinions of the people managing and representing you at the corporate level. That kind of freedom is something that many artists wish they had but don’t because of the decisions they’ve made.

There are many benefits that come with remaining an indie musician or artist, even if the opportunity to enter the commercial industry arises. It’s definitely something to think about and consider, especially if those kinds of opportunities are starting to open up for you.

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