Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Windshield

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Owning a motorcycle is more than just knowing how to drive it and keeping it clean – it’s about doing all that but being safe and practical! While a lot of models are focused on enhancing different areas of their design, certain motorcycles either have windshields or they don’t have any at all! But like with anything else, there are certain factors that go into it, that every motorcycle enthusiast should have in mind when upgrading their ride to a new level! So here are some things to consider when buying a motorcycle windshield! 

Quality vs. price

When dealing with things like vehicles, you want to get the best possible equipment money can buy. Motorcycles are dangerous on their own, so you want to upgrade them in a way that makes the whole experience way safer and less stressful, and the only way to do this properly is to focus on the quality and not the price tag. Obviously not all super expensive things mean that they are of superb quality, but it certainly won’t hurt to invest a bit more money into something good! Just make sure you are aware of the price to quality ratio and that it’s always better to invest in safety and practicality right away, as you will be saving money in the long run!

Different materials

Not all windshields are made from the same thing – you must know that they are far different than car windows and that they are not made from glass or similar materials! They all might look and feel the same way, but they certainly don’t perform the same way, especially over the course of some time, after all the wear and tear! There are multiple options to choose from when buying a windshield for your motorcycle:


Windshields that are made from acrylic material are the least expensive kind of windshields on the market. They do the job pretty well, but they often get scratches and smudges after some time, but it’s better than not having a windshield at all! If you plan on taking care of it, it’ll last well enough, even if it is prone to breaking easily! 


Another common material for windshields is polycarbonate, it looks like it’s acrylic but much more durable yet flexible! That’s probably one of the main differences between polycarbonate and acrylic material, apart from the possible differences in price. All in all, it’s a good long-term material to chose, as it’s less likely to shatter easily!

Depending on your motorcycle model

One of the main things you should worry about is getting the right windshield for your specific kind of motorcycle! As you can see from, there are different types of motorcycles, therefore, there are different types of windshields to go with them! This can totally be a make-or-break moment, as not all bikes are the same, and not all windshields are built for the same purpose. It’s not only crucial to first find the exact style and model for you, but it’s also important to measure everything correctly just in case! You can run into some problems if you order a seemingly similar type that ended up not fitting at all! 

Quick-release vs fixed

Windshields are a necessity, but how seriously do you want to get? It all comes down to your own preference, there are fixed windshields, that are just like their name implies – fixed in one place and pretty permanent! This type is perfect for those who are set one specific windshield model and don’t want to change it by any means. On the other hand, you have quick-release windshields that are a bit more semi-permanent, as they can be easily replaced. They are perfect for those who want to change the windshield model all the time and want to experiment with different types! 

Functionality is key

Technically speaking, you have all the creative freedom in the world to make your vehicle look how you want, but it certainly doesn’t mean you should do it by all means. When looking to upgrade your vehicle, you must think about it being functional and practical above anything else – so something being aesthetically pleasing to the eye doesn’t necessarily mean you should do it! It’s extremely important to be alert on the road, the tension between motorcyclists and other drivers is enough on its own, you don’t need to cause more distraction for yourself and others! So make sure that your chosen windshield is more practical than anything else! It’s so easy to get carried away and create something that looks good on paper, but in reality, you need to focus on making it work! 

Look at the reviews

Nowadays you can easily find out if a brand is good or not by looking at their reviews! Customers won’t shy away from stating their opinions and disclosing if they are satisfied with a service or not, so it can paint you a pretty solid picture of what to expect. By looking at a company’s reviews you can get a taste of the product in question, especially if you’ve never dabbled into motorcycle equipment and have no idea what’s good and what’s not! The internet is your best friend when it comes to this, so take that to your advantage!

Buy from well-known brands

If all else fails, you can always shop from well-known brands and ask for professional help! This can be pretty crucial if you are a beginner just starting to upgrade their vehicle, you simply don’t know where to buy, what to buy, what’s good, and what’s not so good advice might be to buy from credible resources and big brands. You’ll know what to expect with picking this route, the quality is good, you’ll get your money’s worth – no need to experiment and do unnecessary research. 

At the end of the day, it’s extremely important to think about the practical side of things and focus on getting a windshield that’s of high quality! Investing a little bit more in something good will help save you money in the long run, while doing a superb job! Just like any kind of purchase and investment, you need to do some sort of research, so make sure you know exactly what to look for, for your personal motorcycle!

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