Tips to Consider When Purchasing Clip-in Hair Extensions

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Clip-in hair extensions are of the most popular yet safest methods of hair extensions on the market. With thousands of brands, both online and physical, offering these extensions at reasonable prices, it is pretty tricky to understand what to look out for to get the perfect set of clip extensions. This article has put together essential factors to consider before purchasing from any brand to ensure you get the best clip-in extensions that will work for you.


  • What Material Made the Extension?


Clip-in hair extensions are either made out of human hair or synthetic material. As opposed to synthetic hair extensions, human hair extensions tend to feel as natural as one’s hair. Natural hair extensions also have more longevity than synthetic extensions as they can withstand any heat application. It is also worth noting that some synthetic hair extension brands are manufacturing hair extensions that replicate natural hair. Therefore, in case of any uncertainty, you are to contact the brand owner or seller. 


  • Are You Shopping From an Online or a Physical Store?


When shopping online, especially if the purchase seems expensive, it is recommended that one pays attention to the quality of the product website. It is crucial to read comprehensively about the product before making a purchase. After that, you should do thorough research on the information provided on the website. Check out the online store for the best clip in hair extensions.


  • Why You Should Buy Clip-in Extensions and Not Glue-ins


Clip-in extensions are great for a quick DIY extension system without long term bonding. Glue-in extensions are known to cause damage to the hair due to the synthetic nature of the glue used, which contains toxicants. These toxicants are harmful and tend to be heavy on hair follicles, thus causing irreparable damage. Glue-in extensions are also a bit more permanent as they can last for weeks, while the clip-in extensions can be attached or taken out of the hair in minutes. You can check for such beautiful clip-in extensions at


  • How heavy are the Extensions?


The weight of the extensions indicates how much hair was used to manufacture them. Hair extensions are measured in grams; thus, the heavier the weight, the thicker the volume of the extensions. 


  • What is Your Desired Length of Extensions?


The length of your hair and the length of the hair extensions that you add to it are vital considerations. Similarly, are you looking to add thickness while maintaining your hair’s length, or are you looking for both thickness and length? On websites such as, you will find a wide range of hair extension lengths to ensure client satisfaction.

Hair extensions have become a staple in women’s wardrobes, and as such, you should only go for the ones that make you feel and look your best. Ensure that you purchase extensions of the finest quality since good hair completes a perfect outfit and you definitely deserve the best. Just because a hair piece is affordable does not mean you have to compromise on quality to look your very best. 


If you need a hair system very urgency, you can choose a stock hair systems. If you want a hair system perfectly fit your head, custom hair repalcement systems will be your first choice.  A hair replacement system is also a perfect solution for men and women who suffer hair loss problems.



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