Using Cartoons To Help Children Struggling With Language Skill

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There is no greater joy then hearing your child utter their very first word. Hearing ‘mum’ or ‘dada’ is a moment many will hold dear for the rest of their life. In fact, in some cases your child can utter a completely random word as their first spoken word. This is a precious moment yet also an entertaining one as well. Once the first word has been spoken flurries of words come and years down the line you will be shocked by the vocabulary your child knows.

Teaching children a variety of words provides a lot of parents with a great amount of pride and enjoyment. Seeing how your child develops is a rewarding experience. Yet you need to have the tools and the methods in order to help them enhance their vocabulary. There are lots of assorted methods of doing so. You can buy picture books, you can play games (anything from the Adventure Time game to Ben 10 games), and you can use cartoons. The latter method is a particularly interesting point and needs further elaboration. This is because cartoons are surprisingly fantastic for teaching your children a range of vocabulary.

Huge selection of words

Cartoons provide children with a mass selection of wide-ranging words. When using other methods, such as books, there is focus on specific words. Whereas cartoons provide a huge amount of words without any focus on a particular few. This is important because children will pick up words automatically. There will be certain words that stick in their mind and they will then memorise these without even realising that they are doing so. If a word is constantly drummed into a child’s head then it can prove to be trickier and actually slow down the process.


When watching cartoons children will be able to hear how the vocabulary sounds. Furthermore, cartoons’ voices tend to be a lot more exaggerated and therefore emphasis will be placed on all of the syllables. This will help children to pick up the words easier. It is always less problematic for children to learn a word when they can hear it. You can also turn on the subtitles. This proves to be enormously beneficial because children can see and hear the word at the same time. This works as double aid. Some children learn better visually, others learn better through hearing. When the both are combined it ensures that every child has the means to pick up vocabulary as easily as possible.

Learning without realising

And finally, one of the best things about using cartoons as a vocabulary tool is the fact that children will not even realise that they are learning. As Karan Bajaj will confirm, a lot of children learn best when they don’t know they are doing so. This is great because when children think they are learning they already put an obstacle in their path because they deem it to be hard before they even begin. Furthermore, the fact that your children will be enhancing their vocabulary without even realising provides them with the basis to learn a lot more than you would expect.

There are lots of ways of learning varied words. As mentioned earlier, there are books; there are different games – such as the Adventure Time game, but there also cartoons. The latter option is a highly useful and a method that all parents should utilise. Your child will be able to use their senses in order to effectively add to their vocabulary.

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