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White Gold vs. Silver: What You Need to Know

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When you compare jewelry made of white gold and jewelry made of silver, the two may look very similar, but in fact, they are quite different. White gold is composed of pure yellow gold and other white metals, which give white gold its brilliant and lustrous look.

Jewelry made of sterling silver is pure silver mixed with copper, which looks very similar to white gold but is much lower in cost, which adds to its popularity. Sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry is becoming the go-to choice for women as a cost-effective alternative to buying white gold jewelry.

White Gold vs Silver

When you’re looking to add variety to your jewelry collection, silver jewelry makes an excellent addition. Using fine jewelry to support women’s Equality Day is a great way to show support for the women in your life or demonstrate your independence as a woman. But which type of precious metal best suits your taste, style, and personality? Here are a few things to consider concerning white gold and silver jewelry.

Strength and Durability

Both white gold and silver must be combined with other metals to increase their strength to prevent bending and breaking. However, white gold is slightly stronger and more scratch-resistant than silver. Keep in mind that the hardness of white gold depends on how pure it is or the karat weight. For example, an 18-karat ring would be softer than a 10-karat ring.

Sterling silver rings and other silver jewelry are softer and can change shape slightly with more use and wear. However, with proper care and maintenance, silver jewelry should last as long and keep its look and appeal as well as white gold.

Care and Cleaning

All types of jewelry need care and maintenance to keep it looking bright and radiant. White gold is coated with Rhodium, so you may have to have your jeweler apply a fresh coat of Rhodium plating every few years; otherwise, the jewelry will begin to turn yellow.

Unlike white gold, silver requires regular cleaning and polishing to keep its luster. Neither white gold nor silver will ever rust, so you don’t have to worry about that if your jewelry gets wet.


When it comes to affordability, silver is among the best metals available. When you compare the cost of silver to gold or platinum, silver wins hands down and is just as beautiful as white gold. Another benefit to buying sterling silver jewelry is that you can buy more pieces of jewelry for your collection since it’s more affordable.


Nickel is a common addition to gold and silver jewelry and is also the most common metal allergy. Keep in mind that sterling silver jewelry is 92.5 percent silver mixed with copper, so the chances of an allergic reaction to nickel are much less likely unless the nickel is present within the remaining 7.5 percent of the metals.

For white gold jewelry, nickel is usually the standard alloy of choice, but white gold jewelry is generally coated with Rhodium, which prevents allergic reactions.

A combination of gold and silver jewelry is ideal for any jewelry collection, but no matter which type of jewelry you choose to wear or add to your collection, you should always have your fine jewelry cleaned and inspected by a professional jeweler on a regular basis.

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