5 Actionable Fashion SEO Strategies for 2021

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Whether it’s a personal blog or an e-commerce store, every fashion website needs search engine optimization in order to reach the top positions in search engine results and attract a wider audience to the site. And while the same might be true for most industries, fashion SEO often comes with some special aspects and traits you need to keep in mind if you wish to succeed. To that end, here are some of the best actionable fashion SEO strategies to incorporate this year:


  • Create unique and engaging content


As a general SEO rule, your content has to be unique, interesting, and engaging in order for your website to rank high. But when it comes to marketing your fashion label, this rule becomes even stricter and more important, as only excellent content can stand out in fashion, and beat the competition.

While describing the texture, comfort levels, and overall product satisfaction might seem difficult, this is exactly what you should do in an effort to achieve success. Your customers need to feel incredibly excited with their purchases, and that can only be achieved with plenty of descriptive text, as well as detailed and relevant images.



  • Choose keywords according to trends


Long-tail keywords are thought to be more efficient than their short-tail counterparts, as they reflect clear intention while providing less competition. However, a simple keyword such as ‘trench coats from London’ might not always be enough. Fashion is an ever-changing industry where trends constantly come and go, and your keywords should reflect the latest trends, while also seamlessly connecting to your website content.

In case you’re having issues predicting trending keywords or creating relevant content, it might be wise to hire the help of professionals like expert Sydney SEO services to help you achieve success. By offering SEO consulting, such experts will help you develop an original content strategy both search engines and users will love, allowing your website to climb in rankings.


  • Categorize your products wisely


When several pages of your website share the same keywords, search engines might have an issue deciding which page is supposed to be ranked higher. In such instances, your website ends up competing with itself, instead of its real competition. It might be best to stick to only one set of keywords per page, in an effort to avoid this issue.

However, going too far in the other direction, such as creating separate pages for each product, might also have a negative effect. As you likely have several types of ‘dresses for women’, separate pages would still end up sharing the same keyword. Instead, simply divide the products into relevant categories with corresponding keywords for optimal SEO results.



  • Use images generously and optimize them


Naturally, the fashion industry heavily relies on images, and so does SEO when it comes to fashion brands. For this reason, you should be generous with the pictures you post on your website, making an effort to create unique, fun, and eye-catching content that instantly draws in customers and helps them to choose your brand.

But even though they are key to success, pictures can significantly affect the loading speed of your website, possibly deterring potential customers if the loading times are too high. To avoid this issue, it’s best to lessen the burden on your site and optimize the images by choosing the right dimensions and reducing the photos’ file sizes.


  • Make use of good web analytic tools


No matter how well your sales are going or your site is performing, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to SEO. Tools that are used for tracking the user activity on your website, for instance, are incredibly important, as they allow you to analyze your SEO strategies and pinpoint areas that are working well, as well as those that could use some improvement.

Google, Adobe, and Yahoo Analytics are among the most popular analytic tools, which will allow you to measure website traffic, find your target audience, improve your marketing strategies, and even optimize your website and services in an effort to achieve success in the fashion industry.

The main goal of using SEO should be to find your ideal audience and then optimize your website according to their wishes and needs, and the actionable strategies mentioned above will hopefully give you the opportunity to achieve just that.


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