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5 Top Things That Put Customers Off

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Business owners agree that the best indicator of success is a healthy relationship with your customers. A returning customer brings profit but also acts as an advocate of the brand. Entrepreneurs are going above and beyond to ensure that customers will want to purchase again from the brand. From offering incentives to return to showing you care, everyone has a favorite method to encourage returning customers. 

However, when customers don’t come back despite your best efforts, it’s an indication that you’re missing something. Customers share their opinions and reasons for leaving a brand. 

Lost, delayed, or overpriced deliveries

International customers may be far away, but their expectations are the same as local customers. Many appreciate that you may not be able to provide next-day delivery services. However, they can be put off by significant disparities between local and international deliveries. Indeed, when European customers have to wait weeks to receive their parcels or, in the worst-case scenario, to discover that their order was lost in transit, they are unwilling to give the brand a second chance. Planning international shipping and order management can be challenging. So you may want to entrust a specialist 3pl service  provider to ensure your deliveries arrive safely and without unexpected fees or delays. 

Nobody to take their calls

We appreciate that every business needs to maintain strict opening hours. You can’t ask your team to work overtime. However, customer services need to be an exception. Indeed, most customers will try to get in touch with a business when they are not themselves already busy at work. So, early morning, late evening, and weekend calls are preferable for employed individuals. But if your team isn’t available, customers can find it stressful to arrange a call during their workday. On the other hand, outsourcing your call center to a 24/7 service manned by professional customer advisers could avoid the issue. 

They don’t feel represented

People buy from brands that feel relatable. They want to see individuals they can relate to in your communication and advertising. According to an Adobe survey, 62% of individuals say that a brand’s lack of diversity can affect their perception of the products or services.  Minorities who feel misrepresented or ignored by brands are not afraid to walk away. Approximately 6 in 10 LGBTQ+ customers and 5 in 10 African-American customers turn their backs on businesses that fail to represent their target groups. 

The team has changed

We get it. Team restructuration, promotions, change of business management, there are many reasons why a team might change. But in the B2B environment where clients build a close relationship with an account manager, the sudden change could lead to confusion and disappointment. If the team is bound to change, you want to keep your clients in the loop at all times. 

Sudden changes of T&C or values

Have you introduced new T&C? Most customers understand the importance of keeping those updated. However, dramatic transformations in your values, services, or even pricing can take your customers by surprise. When the choice is to accept the new terms or find a new provider, most people are likely to rage leave. 

Putting your customers first is not an ad-hoc strategy. It has to be at the core of every decision and process without the business. Customers are quick to spot inconsistencies and leave. 


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