5 Ways You Can Inspire Your Tweens’ Creativity

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Tweens are in the process of discovering who they are and what they want from life. Parents can help teens explore the world in their own way. Exercises in creativity are both inspiring and fun.

Think About Your Passions

Children look to adults as role models. Now is the time to think about what motivates you personally. Consider what kind of hobbies you find fun. 

You probably have a few fun hobbies you like to do in your spare time. You might enjoy painting landscapes, quilting, crocheting baby blankets, knitting scarves, or love to decorate your home. 

Show your child how to do the same.

Make Use of What You Have

One of the great things about creativity is you can find it everywhere you look. You don’t need to head off to a special place to inspire amazing thoughts. 

They’re everywhere you look. Now is the time to visit your area and get to know it better in person. 

For example, your local library probably has lots of graphic novels for tweens. That’s one way to inspire your teen to think about her own love of writing. Have her write a sequel to her favorite graphic novel.

Working With Peers

Peers can be a tremendous source of inspiration. If your child is social, make it clear large groups of people are welcome in your home. If your child is quieter and less inclined to meet up with others, they probably still have a few special friends. 

You’ll want to encourage them to get together when you’re on vacation during the school year or the summer. Offer kids the support they need to know you take their ideas seriously.

Try a New Activity

At this stage in life, tweens are always on the lookout for new ideas. You want to encourage that with lots of new activities they haven’t tried before. 

With that in mind, think about all sorts of new skills they can master. A tween can learn to do many types of swimming strokes including the backstroke and breaststroke. 

Tweens can also learn to engage in other activities such as playing a musical instrument and taking classes in watercolors or learning to write a novel of their own.

Taking Risks

One of the great things about tweens is this is the perfect time to take all sorts of risks. A tween might decide they would like to try something entirely new like working with wood to sculpt things or create something of their own with paint. 

Encourage them to go for it in a big way. Don’t worry too much about an off-key note or a bit of a mess in the living room. 

The important thing is to have a teen that feels comfortable exploring the world around them and realizing exactly what they can do with it.

Teaching kids to dream big and become creative is a part of letting them be who they are in life.

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