6 Fun Things for You and Your Friends to Do this Winter

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When asked about their favorite season, most people will reply that it’s summer. Here and there, people may also say that they prefer fall or spring, but winter seems to be the season that most people dread. The reason that most people prefer summer is the fact that there are so many fun activities to do – swimming and beach days and ice cream parties. . . but there are loads of fun things to do during winter as well. As with most things, they’re guaranteed to be more fun if you have a friend or two tagging along. If you have no idea where to start, keep reading.

Ski trips

A ski lodge is the ultimate getaway location. It’s a great idea for a romantic holiday or even a family vacation, but it’s also the perfect break for you and your friends to escape to when your everyday lives get a bit boring. You can spend some time out on the slopes, and then head back to the lodge to consume endless mugs of hot drinks in front of a fire. Does anything sound better than that for wintertime? We think not. An added benefit is that you get to invest in some cute ski clothes, such as thick jackets or these women’s ski boots.

Have a sleepover

Who says that sleepovers are just for kids? Not us, that’s for sure. Trust us, getting all your friends together for an old-fashioned sleepover is sure to lead to a night filled with memories and laughter, and the winter is the perfect time to do it. You can tell stories around the fire, make blanket forts, eat pizza, and watch some of these winter movies. With the warm company of your friends, you’re likely to forget how cold it is outside. Another fun activity is to have a hot chocolate bar with different flavors of syrup, chocolate, and any other goodies you can think of.

Build snowmen

Okay, we know this may sound a bit ridiculous, but we all tend to get so caught up in the serious aspects of life, like work and school and money, that we often forget to let loose and have some fun. Think about how happy and carefree you were when you were a child. Don’t you want to feel that again, even if just for a little bit? If you live somewhere with snowy winters, get your friends together and release your inner child as you build some snowmen. While you’re at it, why not have a snowball fight as well?


Okay, so camping is more of a summer thing. That makes sense – no one wants to be exposed to the elements during the middle of winter. But let’s face it, summer camping can also be a drag with all the bugs flying around, not to mention the unbearable heat. Luckily, there’s an alternative that is sure to make all of your winter camping dreams come true. This is known as glamping, and it’s like camping, except way less work and way more fun. You’ll have an actual bed to sleep on, for starters, and many glamping locations also offer heating options. You can learn more about glamping here.

Have a baking day

Have you ever noticed that during winter you want to eat more? And it’s not like you’re craving broccoli or anything remotely healthy. No, during the colder months, we tend to crave cookies and cakes and pies. So, why not gather all your friends and have a day where you bake anything your heart desires? Baking is a relaxing activity, and there’s nothing cozier than being in a warm kitchen that smells like cookies, surrounded by your best friends. If you are very conscious about your health, you can try making some of these swaps during your baking spree.


Nothing will warm you up as quickly as some exercise. Many people claim that they hate hiking, but that’s simply not true. They hate hiking in the summer. And who can blame them? It’s hot and sticky and you’ll likely end up dehydrated, sunburnt, and exhausted. Hiking in the winter, however, is a whole different ballgame. Sure, you may be shivering as you set off, but soon your limbs will warm up and you’ll be able to actually enjoy the hike, especially if you go somewhere scenic. You can turn it into a whole day – pack some snacks and a blanket and have a picnic with your friends when you need a break.

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