6 Reasons Why You Should Try Telehealth Services

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The evolution of digital technology is transforming how we interact with the world around us. Ten years ago, the concept of doing something “for the ‘Gram” didn’t exist. Many of us were still paying per text message and just starting to reap the benefits of BBM. Needless to say, the world has changed a lot in the past decade and continues to do so with each passing year. 

One of the most significant changes has been the introduction and acceptance of telehealth services. If you haven’t experienced telemedicine, here are six reasons why you should give it a try.

Improved Treatment Timeliness

Perhaps the best benefit of telemedicine is the improved timelines, from waiting to see a physician to the diagnostic process itself. According to many of the online doctors NZ has available right now, patients can book in minutes without queuing or waiting on hold. Better still, these same patients can often see a doctor within hours and aren’t stuck in waiting rooms after rushing through a long commute, as telehealth appointments start on time.  

For many illnesses, starting the diagnostic process as soon as possible makes all the difference. Access to telehealth services can shave weeks or even months off the diagnostic process, improving the prognosis when an illness or disease is uncovered.

Better Access to Mental Health Support

One of the overarching reasons to engage in telehealth services is for better access to mental health support. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 adults are struggling with mental illness, since mental health services are difficult to access in many areas.

Technology is disrupting mental health support for the better. Through telemedicine, those in rural areas can access better support services without having to travel to city centers. Mental health professionals are offering support and creating self-led programs that empower patients to take control of their mental health. 

Access to More Practitioners and Specialists

If you’re in a rural area, you’re likely all too familiar with the issue of limited access to specialists and other health practitioners. Insurance networks and limitations often exacerbate this issue. 

With telemedicine, you can access the doctors and specialists you want, even if you’re hundreds of miles away. 

Better Accessibility for Those With Unique Challenges

Health inequity is a genuine issue that affects marginalized groups, from those experiencing poverty to those with limited mobility. For some of us, going to the doctor’s office for an appointment is an inconvenience. For others, it’s nearly impossible. 

A single parent experiencing poverty may have to choose between taking time off to see the doctor and putting food on the table — not to mention the costs associated with childcare and transportation.

Similarly, someone in a wheelchair or with a vision impairment has to navigate the process differently than someone without those challenges. In these cases, telemedicine offers an excellent option for everyone to get the quality of care you deserve.

Less Risk of Getting Sick

Getting sick at the doctor’s office was a concern before the global pandemic. For many people, the thought of going to get a recurring prescription filled and waiting in a room with potentially contagious people causes anxiety and stress.  

Using telehealth services limits the chance of getting ill while seeking medical attention, whether that’s contracting the flu in the waiting room or COVID-19 on public transit.

More Affordable for All Involved

Finally, telehealth is more affordable for all involved, from physicians to insurance providers to patients. As a patient, you’ll save valuable time and money and still receive quality medical attention. Doctors and practitioners can provide services with lower overhead costs. As a result, fewer costs are being passed to insurance companies, limiting spikes in premiums.

There are several benefits to engaging in telehealth services as a patient. While there are still challenges and barriers to work through over time, using this option can provide better cost savings and better quality of care.


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