A Handy Guide to Picking the Right Sciatica Cushion

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Have you been having a series of back pains lately? While quite a number of reasons can lead to the malfunction of your back muscle, one major one is the lack of proper chair support. Research has it that many employees lose their days of work due to the same reason. Since you are most likely spending more hours in the office, it is best that you choose the most suitable office seat cushion for much comfort. Sciatica is one of the conditions that develop from poor sitting positions. It can sometimes be overwhelming to deal with, and this is where the chair cushions come in handy. However, a single internet search will give you numerous options for the same. To help you narrow them down, here are some of the top compelling tips to help you determine the pillow.

  • Prioritize Memory Foam

Are you tired of sitting on an uncomfortable office seat all day long? If so, then a memory foam chair cushion is godsent. Not only will you enjoy the great feeling, but you will as well love how the pillow conforms around your body muscles. It provides unique support just at the point where you need it the most. The cushions stretch your pain points, thereby delivering maximum comfort. Once you feel, you will definitely realize the refreshing experience that comes with it and not forget the fascinating pain relief.

  • Consider Ergonomic Design

A good office seat should be ergonomic in nature. This means that its features ought to offer much-needed comfort during working hours. An ergonomic chair will equally ensure enough lumbar support for your lower back. However, the kind of seats found in the offices today is never up to these standards. You do not have to suffer dealing with the daily pins and needles as gears such as a sciatica cushion will definitely feel the gap. You only have to look for one designed in a U-shape to help reduce much pain in the lower back.  A U-shaped cushion will also reduce the pressure in the major area, thereby helping you acquire the most comfortable seating position for your tail bone and the entire lower back area.

  • Machine Washable

From the spilt coffee to the daily sweats, you can agree that your office seat might just be one of the dirtiest items around. This is the more reason why you must invest in a cushion with a removable cover. The cover should as well be machine washable for convenience. Your life becomes less complicated with the wash and go. Again, it is more professional to have your chair pillow clean, fresh, and well maintained. Although it might not seem quite a big deal, it can actually make a difference in how the consumer or any other person that walks into your office perceives your services.

  • Lumbar Support

Although everyone needs a cushion that supports the tailbone perfectly for a start, you will require more support along the spine to reduce the chances of sciatica. This is where a pillow with lumbar support comes in. it will help you reduce the amount of pressure exacted in your lower back, thereby improving your poster over time.

If you spend the better part of your day at the workplace, then a proper seating posture is inevitable. A series of lower back pains can be pretty daunting to overcome. This is why choosing the right accessories like a sciatica cushion becomes a necessity.



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