All You Need to Know About Mariana Padoan

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Born in Brazil, Mariana Padoan is among the fastest rising stars in the modeling world. The young beauty queen who enjoys huge followership on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media is among the most popular models of Ford Models. Here are some amazing things about Mariana Padoan that you may not know.


As a model, you should expect a great body, and the Brazilian genuinely has what it takes to outclass any other model in a beauty competition. Mariana Podoan stands at 174 cm; she has a bust size of 78 and a waistline of 58. She has brown hair and blue eyes. She is elegant, fashionable, and beautiful. Aside from her fabulous natural physique, she also knows very well how to carry her body with pride. That is one of the secrets of her success in her chosen career.


Talking about career, Mariana Padoan is known for only one thing – modeling. She is among the Ford Model’s most popular and classic models. But she has also modeled for many big brands and at many international events. Even though she is always busy with her career, traveling from one location to another, she also has an amazing private life.

Private Life

Mariana Padoan loves spending time with her family and friends. She takes many pictures with them and always shares them with her fans on Instagram and other social media. She is also a lover of animals. She is always proud to showcase her pet friend, Romeu, a Pomeranian.  She regularly takes pictures with the dog and shares them with her social media followers. Mariana Padoan loves to interact with her fans online. This is evident in her numerous social media accounts, including an account with ASKfm, a platform where you can ask her any question and interact with her freely. In many of her interactions with her fans, she usually shares beauty tips and recommends products she believes can enhance beauty. Mariana Pandan is a lover of elegance. She loves life and lives it. Whether on holiday or business trips, she is known to love rocking world-class designer outfits. 


Mariana Podoan’s major hobby is reading. She loves reading novels and educational books. Aside from reading, the Brazilian also loves spending time at the beach. If she is not with her family and friends during her leisure time, she will either be reading a book or sunbathing beside the beach.

Social Media

Mariana Padoan has about 200k followers on Instagram. With them, she shares lots of her stunning pictures. She even has an Instagram highlight for her dog. The beautiful model also has a high number of friends and followers on Facebook and Pinterest. However, her Twitter account is private, and as she follows only a few people, she also allows less than a thousand people to follow her. Finally, Mariana Padoan is a classy model with so much to offer. Mariana Podoan’s works speak for themselves. More is yet to be seen about Mariana Padoan.

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