Becoming A Better Professional Blogger

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No matter what type of blog you run, you should always be looking for ways to improve it. Read on to discover some helpful suggestions.

High quality backlinks

Link building is one of the main SEO (search engine optimization) practices used in the current day and age. However, so many people are misusing this technique. They think it is all about gathering as many backlinks as is possible. This is not the case. It is all about quality. You have to generate backlinks from websites which are performing well themselves. Not only this, but they need to be relevant to your website as well. If you run a gardening blog then what benefit are you going to find in swapping links with a high fashion website? 

Professional address

Another way to improve your blog and to create trust is to have a professional business address, which you can display on your contact page. You don’t have to put your home address. Instead, there are companies who will provide a prestigious address for you, and they will simply email your mail to you. You can still invoice online, it is merely about having that prestigious presence.

Social media optimization

Don’t overlook the dominance of social media at present. It doesn’t matter whether you are involved in jewelry making, rugby reporting, law, insomnia remedies or business phone systems; you need to be on Twitter and Facebook. You will drive traffic to your website by building up a loyal relationship with your customers. The key to using these websites successfully is to post frequently and to make it more informal. Posting an endless array of product or affiliate links is never going to work. You can also use Twitter and Facebook competitions in order to strum up more popularity and generate more ‘likes’ and ‘followers’. 

Build relationships with influential people

In the world of online marketing for bloggers, it is all about generating quality contacts and using them to your advantage. Don’t expect everything for nothing though. You will have to give in return. Nonetheless, there are various ways of capitalising on good relationships with influential people. Guest posts are a prime example of this. Write quality content for influential blogs containing links back to your own blog. In addition to this, other methods of benefitting from your relationships include; advertising, newsletter trading and social media broadcasting. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is still as effective as ever – if constructed properly. Use clever subject lines. Ensure the most appealing aspect of your email is near the top, such as a discount you are offering. Call to actions should be clear. Don’t make your email too wide or too long. Follow these tips and you will have visitors flocking in. 

Informative, engaging and perfectly written content

Last but not least, content is king for any blogger, of course! However, it has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the past, it was all about posting content which was filled to the brim with keywords. It didn’t matter whether the content was original, or if it was interesting or written well. However, developers will all tell you that this is no longer the case. Search engines are sniffing out duplicate content and they are ranking poor quality content lower as well. The key to success revolves around creative, informative and engaging content written well with the natural implementation of keywords. You need to make sure you stay up-to-date with all of the latest Google updates so that you are creating content that satisfies their criteria. 

So there you have it: some of the different steps you can take in order to improve your blog and start achieving more online. A lot of the tips that have been provided above you may have heard of before, but the key is to remember that they are not one-off suggestions. They are elements of your website that need to be addressed on a continual basis to ensure your blog continues to grow and be successful. 


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