Cheating Is The Number One Reason For Marital Breakdown

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What’s the number one reason for marital breakdown do you think? Well, it’s not money problems – that actually comes in quite low on the list. The top reason is infidelity. Most people can’t go an entire lifetime being with the same partner. They want novelty.

Marriages, though, are a pillar of our society. So for many people, data like this is alarming. Ideally, we’d prefer to have families that stay together.

The following infographic shows some interesting statistics on marriage breakdown. Most people actually try to save their marriages for a considerable length of time before they eventually break up. For the average couple, it’s about eighteen months – which is a long time in the context of most relationships.

However, once trust is gone, it is almost impossible to recover. It’s one of the toughest things to get back. And that could explain why infidelity is more difficult to deal with than other marital issues detailed below. Unlike feeling unhappy or falling out of love, lack of trust is something irreversible.

The costs of divorce are also quite high too for the average couple. Losses extend into the tens of thousands, both because of the cost of divorce, and the splitting of assets.

Many couples decide to work at their marriages for the sake of their children. They want them to be happy, so they keep putting in the effort to make it work.

If you’d like to know more about the reasons for divorce, take a look at the following informative infographic. It lists everything you need to know about why people break up.

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