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Games Spark Excitement in Bars and Restaurants

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Games spark excitement in bars and restaurants, it’s true.  They inspire customers to gather for nights of tension-free competition. At least that is what an article in Upserve magazine said was the new trend right before the pandemic hit: “Games are for kids, right? Wrong. Games are for everyone!” Now that restaurants and bars are reopening, it is time to revisit the idea.

Coming off a year and a half of the COVID-19 pandemic, let’s face it, people have had enough drama. They’re looking to get out, be with friends, and have some fun for a change. And arcade games are a way to take the edge off. 

Many bars and restaurants are adopting in-venue games as a way to provide fun for their patrons. 

bar crowdFor years, bars and restaurants in the New York City and New Jersey metro areas have secured arcade game rentals. Many of those who have 2021 Golf Tee and Big Buck Hunter Reloaded arcade games, has linked up with Club Lucky. That is an organization committed to the promotion and management of arcade game tournaments. Others, with Skee Ball, have connected with organizations such as the NYC SkeeBall League. And, patrons not only have a great time, but they can also win up to $2,000, or more, in some of these tournaments. 

It’s about doing something silly on a Tuesday night 

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More options

photobooth funAnd for those not into competition, there are countless other games to entertain them. These might include a pool table or two, table ice hockey, or street basketball, for example. But the fun doesn’t end there. Another big customer attraction is an old-fashioned photo booth, which people rave aboutDigital jukeboxes with video are another form of entertainment. 

Restaurant and bar owners recognize that people like to be entertained. Moreover, while they’re having fun, they tend to drink and eat more. That is more revenue for the venue.   

Upserve first mentioned this growing trend in 2019, along with other entertainment ideas a year before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down America. They say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That could certainly be said about bars and restaurants. They are a part of the fabric of our social lifestyles. 

For family-friendly restaurants. Video games for kids are not only fun for them and revenue-generating for the restaurant. It provides parents with a break while their kids are being entertained. And let’s face it, no matter how much you love your kids, every parent needs a breather every now and then. 

To accommodate kids, the arcade games are great, but there are other options, such as PacMan and other “joy-stick” favorites. 

So, when parents can go to a restaurant that has good food and atmosphere, as well as games that their kids enjoy, it’s a win-win-win: the restaurant has a new revenue stream; the kids are entertained, and the parents have time alone.  Most importantly, when the parents say “let’s go out for dinner”, kids will actually WANT to go!

Games Spark Excitement in Bars and Restaurants

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Ready to engage?

First, you need to make some assessments:

  • Who are my customers, or would-be customers?
  • What available space do I have in my venue that will disrupt those not playing?
  • Are there slow nights when a tournament would be a good promotion?

Once you’ve addressed these questions, and have the space for one — or more — games, all that is left is to get started. 

And here is the best part — it is RISK-FREE!  So contact us for a no-obligation discussion today. 

You heard that correctly. Amusement companies, such as Emerson Amusements, will place and maintain the arcade games on a revenue-share basis, making it a win-win, for you and them. 

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