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Going Green with Green Face Watches

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What is so spectacular about a green watch? Well, the color green is generally believed to have a deep meaning and vast cultural significance. When people say they are going green, it is naturally viewed as a good thing. The color ‘green’ is associated with good things, and so are watches with green faces. 

What It Means To Go Green with Your Wrist Watch? 

To go green with your watch simply means to buy a green wrist watch or to wear one. If you are someone who is connected to nature, you will have a stronger meaning to green watches than the average person. If you are not too interested in reading meanings to colors, you will choose a green watch simply because of its aesthetic appeal. 

Whether you have something deep about the color green and read no meaning at all to a green watch dial, you can add some green watches to your watch collection. If you are going to buy just one, it is important that you go for the very best so that people will find it deep and attractive anytime you decide to go green with your watch. 

Choosing a Green Watch

Are you considering buying a green watch? Taking your time to choose a good one is very important. As we’ve stressed here already, people read meaning into the color green. They will quickly pick interest in a green watch on your wrist, and your reputation will be questioned if it is not of the right quality. 

Even if you don’t care about what people have to say about your watch, it is still very important that you choose a green watch that is of the right quality. You don’t want to pay top money for a fake watch that will not last. You can only be sure of durability and other important qualities when you buy the right type of green watch. 

Best Green Watches to Buy Now 

Are you currently shopping for green watches? Here are some of the best ones you can grab at the best possible price: 

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link 2020 Edition Green Face Watch

There are several impressive things about this watch. For a start, it looks very nice and cool. It is the type of watch you will want around your wrist when you are with people who judge watches by their looks. The green dial is beautifully designed and looks very impressive. 

In addition to the aesthetic appeal of this watch, it is a fully-functional chronograph timepiece. It is also a water-resistant watch, with unidirectional turning bezel that makes it an ideal watch for diving. 

Okeanos Green Steel Link  Green Face Watch

If you are looking for a bold green watch dial, this is one of the best from Filippo Loreti. It has a pretty simple design, but the overall feel is bold and confident. Looking at it, you will know that it is made for classic and bod gentlemen. 

The Okeanos Green Steel Link has all the important features Filippo Loreti watches are known for. The case material is the best type of stainless steel, and the has a protective sapphire coated mineral glass to enhance durability. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Face Watch

If you are the type who loves gold watches, then this green gold watch is one of the very best ones you can find anywhere. Like every other watch from the makers, it is handcrafted to look as beautiful as possible. The date window is the only special feature on the dial, but it still looks classy. 

The Okeanos Rose Gold will make it easy for you to read the time in all lighting conditions, thanks to the luminous hands and hour marks. It is also a watch for water activities. It is water-resistant, up to 100 meters, and has a directional rotating bezel that will measure diving time and depth accurately. You can go deeper, knowing you have an excellent timepiece on your wrist. 


The green watch face looks naturally attractive. It is majorly loved by people who are in tune with nature. Filippo Loreti has some incredible green watches besides the three above. These watches are highly regarded because they are not mass-produced. Rather, they are produced according to the orders placed by buyers. The makers also sell directly to the buyers, eliminating the problems associated with middlemen. 

Are you ready to go green with green face watches? You can choose from the ones featured in this post. If you want to consider other options before making a decision, check out Filippo Loreti’s collection before placing an order.

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