Hair Waver: The Best Tool for Instant Beach Waves

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One of the simplest ways to achieve perfectly tousled beach waves is with the use of a hair waver. The results vary though depending on the design of the hot too to be used. Ideally, hair wavers with multiple barrels that fasten with each other or are either curved or have jagged sections are best for beach wave hair. Such hair wavers leave hair locks that look naturally lived in. Some brands of hair wavers allow users to adjust and control the temperature to maximize styling based on the hair type.

Hair Waver Purchasing Considerations

Certain considerations should be kept in mind when shopping for a hair waver. If you are looking to achieve the classic, large beach waves, triple-barrel hair wavers are ideal as they have 3 equally-sized, elongated barrels. Triple-barreled hair wavers also make it faster for users to go around the full head. 

But when the buyer is a fan of flexibility and has a high sense of value for money, a lot of hair waver models have an adjustable plate. This smart feature allows one to go from forming defined to loose waves as they like.

A curvier S-shaped plated hair waver may be best for achieving the most pronounced laid-back and loose waves such as that of old Hollywood style. If the convenience of being portable is a factor, there are several lightweight and cuter versions of hair wavers that work as well as regular-sized equivalents.

Other designs are featuring 2-barreled tourmaline-ceramic clamps with an S-curve shape inside. This type of hair waver can produce lesser-defined beach waves.

Some hair wavers are recommended for only a type of hair category – thin, frizzy, coarse, long, and short among others. Make sure to check with product details for compatibility of hair waver to be purchased with hair type.

The best part about the hair waver hot tool is that it can be operated just like any flat iron as traditional hairdressers do. Even amateurs looking to be stylish at home can master the technique of using a hair waver. Easily hold horizontally the hair waver about a section of the hair and clamp it down for around 30 seconds. Hair will bend according to the shape of the hair waver plates with each press. Move down the length of the whole hair to finish.

Most hair wavers are made of tourmaline ceramic plates and have adjustable heat settings range from 250 to 400 °F. A hair waver can also have an LCD for the temperature where sometimes conversion to Celsius is allowed ranging from 80 to 210 °C. Some designs also have an auto-off function which is highly commendable for safety reasons when the tool forgot to be turned off.

How to Make Beach Waves Using a Hair Waver

Here’s an easy technique to create beach waves with a three-barrelled hair waver:

  • Turn the hair waver onto a medium-high heat setting.
  • Dabble some heat protectant on the palm and apply to hair. Hair should be dry and either naturally waved or straight. This technique does not work well on very curly natural hair.
  • Take thin sections of hair and crimp down from top to base. Start doing this from a couple of inches below the crown of your head. It’s essential to not start this process at the root. The most naturally-looking beach waves start a few inches down from the tips of the root of the hair
  • Do the previous step for the entire head. Take thin sections and crimp down securely. Starting height can be adjusted with each section of hair to produce waves that are not entirely level with each other. The unevenness will create that perfect beachy look.
  • End this technique by spraying some sea salt! Sea salt sprays have been one of the popular ways to get instant beach waves as they imitate what saltwater from the sea/beach does to your hair. 

Tips for Making Beach Waves Done with A Hair Waver Stay for Days

When having trouble holding hair waves, follow these tips to keep it for days. It wouldn’t even involve drowning hair in hair spray!

  • Use A Quality Hair Waver: A quality hair waver is an ace for making waves that stay all day long. Hot tools like hair wavers that use ceramic coatings allow for an even distribution of heat across hair stands, give off negative ions that will seal and smoothen hair cuticles. This material also is less damaging to the hair. Choose a hair to waver that has different temperature settings and heat can be easily controlled to optimize heat depending on the hair type.
  • A Properly Heated Hair Waver: Curls or waves will drop when the temperature setting of a hair waver is too high. Cuticles are slammed shut and are flattened that they will not hold a bend when too much heat is applied to the hair. Using a lower temperature on a high-grade ceramic-made hair waver will produce curls or waves that are more long-lasting.
  • Using styling sprays: Remember the classic hairstyling manta: Prep. Wave. Made.? It is in that order for a reason. Prepping the hair is essential not only in styling hair but also in protecting hair from damage unnecessarily. Various brands in the market have sell heat protectants that also serve as styling sprays. These kinds of spray will be the best choice as they have grit enough to hold waves while at the same time making hair beautifully smooth and silky and protect hair from heat as well.
  • Divide hair into sections: When this tip is not followed when styling hair, hair waving may not appear like a pro. Making waves with a hair waver will be more precise when sectioning the hair is applied. Doing this will also add more volume to the hair.
  • No To Touch: Stroking the hair or running fingers through the hair once it has finished the waving process can be tempting. Do not do this though. Once cooled, let hair drop naturally will produce a much nicer, longer-lasting wave output. Greasy hands beget greasy strands. Avoid touching the done hair whenever to dodge drop-outs.




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