How Much Should You Be Spending on Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

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When it comes to the amount of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere each year, it’s evident that people need to find better and cleaner means of doing things. Whether we’re making food, driving in our vehicles or even public transport, or taking a warm shower, we contribute to the extraordinary amounts of CO2 released into the air. However, various innovative companies and businesses support the movement to go green and get our globe back on track. This article will look at multiple ways we can come together and reduce our carbon footprint altogether. 

Solar Power

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint; the only problem is that most people don’t have thousands of dollars to install a solar setup. Well, that’s changed, and enables people to access solar power without breaking the bank. Look into community solar options where neighbors buy shares of a larger project that generates enough power for everyone’s home usage needs. It’s an affordable option that provides 100% clean energy without any lines going up your roof or clear-cutting forests. Community solar power not only enables you to use solar power, but it’s also wholly eradicating the significant number of CO2 we produce by using eco-friendly power sources. In 2020 alone, the carbon dioxide released due to electricity generation exceeded 1.8 billion metric tons of CO2. This figure accounted for more than thirty percent of energy-related CO2 emissions within the United States. 


Short on the heels of energy-related CO2 emissions are emissions released from combustion engine motor vehicles on our roads. In 2020 there were more than 270 million registered vehicles on US roads. This meant that each combustion engine vehicle released more than four metric tons of CO2, totaling about twenty-nine percent of emissions in 2019. Cars are one way that people contribute to global warming, and they’re responsible for close to 20 pounds per gallon of gasoline consumed–in China, this figure is closer to 13 pounds. Electric cars typically have a range of C18 miles if you commute daily, or an electric bike will work well for errands around town. Switching out incandescent light bulbs with LED lights will also help C02 emissions because LEDs use far less power than their counterparts. So simply by reducing the amount of C02 that enters your home, you can cut C02 emissions in half! It’s been estimated that each kilogram (or lbs) of C02 released into the atmosphere has a global warming potential equal to 250 kilograms CO equivalent, which is why it’s so crucial for us to reduce as much C02 we produce as possible.

C02 emissions have been linked to global warming and climate change. So Reducing C02 emissions will help reduce the effects of global warming (i.e., extreme weather) on our planet and its inhabitants. It’s good for you; it’s suitable for your family, it’s good for society: It allows us all to enjoy a cleaner environment that is less cluttered with harmful pollutants such as smog or coal ash which can cause respiratory problems.


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