How To Cope In A World Gone Mad

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Do you ever get the feeling that the world is going mad? If so, you’re not alone. These last few years have been tumultuous. And since the pandemic hit, things have been even worse. 

But a lot of what is going wrong is more our perception than reality. We think things are much worse than they are. Yes – there are problems. But the majority of our day-to-day experience remains largely unaffected. 

It’s no surprise, though, that people are struggling. Many of the pillars of our society that we thought were unbreakable have been destroyed in recent years. That context goes beyond the pandemic and explains why there was a wave of anxiety and depression in the run-up to COVID-19

Fortunately, though, there are solutions. In this post, we take a look at some of the things that you can try to stay sane in a world gone mad. 

Rewire Your Brain

Throughout history, human beings have been trying to find ways to deal with unwelcome events. It’s something that goes back to the dawn of our species.

It turns out that our brains actually have fantastic coping mechanisms. It’s just that the modern world often distracts us from them. 

Right now, cognitive behavioral therapy is the gold standard. It taps into the way our brains work and then uses that knowledge to the person’s advantage. People who rewire their brains can experience extraordinary benefits. Many are able to waltz through life calmly and without any severe mental health episodes. 

There are other techniques too. Breathing exercise and tools to track anxiety are helpful. But mostly, progress comes from changing how your brain approaches the world. Acceptance is a critical component of relating to it healthily. 

Use Apps

Modern wellness apps are highly advanced and sophisticated tools. COVID APIs can provide you with the latest data about the virus in real-time: great for those who like being in the know. 

But apps are also transforming the way self-help works. Instead of reading a book and then trying to implement the lessons in real life, these pieces of software are substituting for personal coaches and therapists. Many are actually written by university researchers trying to put their ideas into a practical format that people can use. 

Apps are actually super helpful and a great lifetime for people when they are feeling down. They provide things like guided meditations, diet advice and so on. 

Notice Your Worry Triggers

If there is something in your environment that triggers your anxious or panicky episodes, then try to avoid it. It could be watching the news, taking the bus, or spending time with a particular person. 

If you are finding yourself overwhelmed with everything that is going on in your life you could think about taking a ‘break from society’. You could do something called monk mode. Doing monk mode involves eradicating all the things that bring you down and create stress. So step away from the gadgets and switch off the TV. Find your peace and tranquility in other things such as reading or meditating. 

You don’t have to do monk mode forever, although you can if you wish. You can do it periodically when you feel those pressures building up. 

Be Kind To Yourself

Don’t beat yourself up every time you have an episode or something goes wrong. Instead, be kind and compassionate to yourself. Be on your own team instead of working against yourself. 

Stop Thinking About The Past And Future So Much

Ideally, you want to experience life as it is right now. After all, the past and future don’t exist: we only have the present.

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