How to Pack Toys for Moving

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Moving with children, as well as moving all their gaming property – is not an occupation for the faint of heart. This applies to both toddlers and school-age children. We know that organizing and packing a whole mountain of toys, teddy bears, dolls and other items from the game room takes much more time and effort than many people think. Don’t you believe it? Just ask any parent who has ever assembled and transported a playroom to a new house. Toys are not only easy to damage during the move, they are also difficult to sort and pack (just imagine all the puzzle pieces, etc.)

For those who are interested in how to pack toys for moving, we offer to read our professional tips:

  1. Give away the toys that you no longer need

Don’t waste your time packing toys that you don’t need and will never need again. If your child has outgrown the toy, just give it away or sell it. By getting rid of extra toys, you will eventually save on transporting things and moving in general. After all, the fewer things, the cheaper it will cost to move. To donate well-preserved children’s toys, we recommend taking them to a charity organization. You can also contact local hospitals and kindergartens to find out if they need toys.

  1. Decide on toys you want to keep

Do you have toys that the child has outgrown, but you want to keep them? Perhaps you already have (or are planning to have) a second child who will one day use these toys. Then it makes sense that you might want to keep them. We recommend carefully packing toys of this category in a separate storage box. Make sure that the contents are clearly marked on the box so that you don’t have to search for a long time when it’s time to get the toy out again.

  1. Prepare the packaging materials

It’s time to stock up on materials for transportation. We recommend ordering consumables at least a few weeks before the day of moving, so that you have enough time to pack. Make sure that there are enough small and medium-sized cardboard boxes at hand. These sizes are usually best suited for small books, wooden toys and puzzles. It’s also a good idea to have several large boxes for light items, such as plush stuffed toys. Other moving materials that you will need: packing tape, markers and labels, wrapping paper and rolls of bubble wrap to protect fragile toys.

  1. Disassemble the toys

Large toys must be disassembled before moving. This applies to tents-wigwams, rocking horses, jumping simulators, walkers, dollhouses, large cars and other toys on wheels. Fragile wooden toys should also be disassembled before packing. This will prevent them from breaking during transportation. Just do not forget to put all the parts in one box, so as not to lose what you need.

  1. Clean and disinfect everything you can

Cleaning things before moving will never be superfluous, especially if you want to start life in a new house with a clean slate. It is also no secret that when using children’s toys, they can get dirty if they are not regularly washed and disinfected. To clean the toys before moving, we recommend washing the items in warm soapy water and / or wiping them with child-safe cleaning cloths.

  1. Organize and sort toys by categories

Unpacking things from the playroom will become much easier if the toys are sorted and organized in advance. Therefore, do not throw different toys into the box at random. It is better to try to put similar items together. This is easier to do if you sort the toys before packing the boxes. Just put the toys in separate piles, depending on their purpose. Categories can include books, construction kits, puzzles, soft toys, cards, wooden toys, dolls and dollhouse parts, musical toys and drawing accessories. Pack similar items together so that unpacking is easy.

  1. Put aside the toys that you will take with you on the road

Moving a long distance? Then you will probably have to take toys and books with you on the road. After all, your children will need something other than an iPad for entertainment. Before packing toys in boxes, we recommend putting a few in a bag or suitcase with basic necessities. Be sure to store them separately, so as not to accidentally pack them together with other things. 

     8.  Pack the boxes

It’s finally time to pack the boxes. After you have prepared and collected the packaging materials, carefully lay a protective layer on the bottom of each box. This can be packaging paper, bubble wrap, styrofoam granules or just a thick towel. Then wrap and pack the toys in paper or bubble wrap and fix them with tape. Carefully fold it into a box. Fill the empty space with styrofoam pellets or other filler so that the toys do not move inside the box. Seal the box with tape. Do not forget to write on it what room it is from (from the game room), and indicate what is inside.

Additional tips for packing

  • Pack the game room last and unpack first.
  • Boxes with puzzles may have to be sealed with tape to save all the details.
  • Pack light soft toys in a large box.
  • Consider purchasing a folding play mat that is disassembled into individual tiles. They are easier to pack and unpack.
  • Consider sending toys by mail.
  • Before you start unpacking, think about how you want to organize the toys.
  • Make sure that the bookcases and furniture are securely attached to the wall after unpacking.

Moving is not far off? Now that you know how to pack your toys, it’s time to start planning your move. If you need help with your move, hire professional movers! Before hiring the out of state movers check moving company reviews and ask for a moving Quote. Be prepared to save your money and download and print a moving checklist. All services in the moving company must be licensed and insured, so you can be sure that your move will be in safe hands. Good luck and happy moving!


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