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It’s Not Just Your Business – Protect Your Employees As Well

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Your employees are a huge part of your business. Without them, barely anything would get done, and if they didn’t work as a team, where would you be as its leader? And because of this fact, it’s important to know how to protect your staff when they’re out working for you. 

It’s not just your business you need to watch out for – your employees can run into trouble during work hours, and with the points below, here are the most important things to keep in mind when running them as a team.

Keep it Flexible

Your employees are human beings, with lives outside of your business, and remembering that when you draw up the schedule for the week is important. You want to grant as flexible hours as possible, and even remote working setups where possible, to ensure your employees are never spending too much time in the workplace. 

You want them to be able to breathe and live outside of work, meaning they can spend time with family, accommodate for things like childcare, and even have a simple yet fulfilled social life. If they have all of these things to support them, they’ll do a much better job at work, and this domino effect starts with you. 

Know How to Defend Them

There are many things that can be thrown against an employee, in terms of how they do their job, or how they treat customers, and a lot of the time, these complaints are simple slander from a disgruntled customer. As the good boss you are, being around when these cases crop up is a must, and being able to both calm the situation and soothe all parties is essential. As a general rule, firing on the spot is a no go zone. 

Most of all, don’t panic if the complaint is taken further – this is why you have insurance and an attorney. For example, you can use a Zarwin Baum lawsuit to your advantage, and take the time to prove just how good and dedicated your employee is both to and at their job. All in all, don’t take a lawsuit or ‘official’ complaint against one of your employees as a sign they’re not the right fit – take the chance to really investigate, and stand up for a member of your team. 

Set Some Clear Boundaries

Finally, even with the flexibility and the need to defend your employees, you need to have clear and simple boundaries as well. This ensures your staff are always acting in an acceptable manner at work, and they’re never taking advantage of your good grace either. 

So, be sure to define job responsibilities as soon as you send out an advert. Try to keep any outside conversations or emotions to a minimum, and always watch how you talk to an employee as well. Some clear rules like these will maintain a good working environment from the start. 

Here’s what you can do to be the best boss imaginable!

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