The 5 Types of Materials for Sports Clothing

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Today, the market is flooded with a plethora of clothing items for different sports. This is why it is natural for everyone to get overwhelmed when looking for the right apparel in accordance with the sports type. So if you have plans to settle for custom sports clothing, the right material is an important factor to consider. Not to forget, the right material will help you get rid of excessive sweating and improve the experience of playing different sports. Here, in this blog, we have compiled a list of a few important clothing materials that are used in sportswear:

Synthetic Fabric

Also chanted as a breathable fabric, it is the top choice for everyone out there. Especially when it comes to the summer, sportsmen are always looking for comfy clothing that will have a positive impact on your ground experience. Therefore, you better keep away from dresses that are prepared from plastic-based or rubber material, which do not make you overheat during sports activities. Therefore, if you have any plans to venture out in the ground for a sporting event, settle for sportswear that is prepared with synthetic fabric.


Unless you have been living under the rock, you will know that cotton is often preferred as the first choice for athletes because it is breathable and has a comfortable texture. Today, most athletic wear is prepared with cotton because it can easily wipe off sweat from the body and make you feel comfortable while working out. Try the ICHPIG hoodie to experience what it feels to be encapsulated with comfortable cotton body wear.


It is also known as elastane and can easily expand up to 500% without suffering from a single tear. However, when not in use, it will easily crawl back to its original size. This body wear gained popularity when superheroes from the Marvel series started to wear them. So when you see those amazing people wearing skin-tight clothing, it is prepared from spandex because it is stretchable. For your information, the gymnasts, skaters, and swimmers swoon over elastane because it allows them to invest their full energy when playing a sport.


It is an organic material that is harvested from cotton. This soft and comfortable fabric is good absorbent and also environmentally friendly. It is also acknowledged as the muslin or the mutton cloth. It is available in a plethora of colors out there in the market. Whenever you go out there to get custom sportswear, this clothing material will be introduced to you as the first choice. All you have to do is, give the right size to get the perfect outfit prepared for whatever sport you want to play.

Miracle Microfiber

This synthetic material is prepared from denier fiber. It is usually prepared from nylon or polyester. This fabric will quickly declutter moisture and spread it evenly. So you can rest assured about wearing sportswear that is prepared from the miracle microfiber. 


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