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Think Before You Hire: A Guide to Home Staging Companies

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Did you know that staging your home might help sell it faster? If you’re considering staging a home for sale, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to find reputable home staging companies.

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Look For an Experienced Home Staging Company

When searching for a staging company, look for one that has been doing staging for years. You want to find a staging company that has staged lots of different kinds of homes. A company should also target other markets.

Does the staging company have experience working on a home within your price point? If a company only has worked on apartments or smaller homes and your home’s larger, find someone else.

You should also ask the company how they will stage your home. Ask about the company’s experience and the training they received.

Does the company have an association with a real estate or a staging organization?

Ask to See the Portfolio

When researching staging companies, you should take a look at the company’s portfolio. The portfolio should include professional photographs.

The staging photos should help you see if the company stays up to date with industry trends.

If you have to compete with similar homes on the market, you want a staging professional to use industry trends.

The portfolio should include a wide range of styles. This way, you’ll know that the company has experience working with various target markets.

The staging company should understand the current market and what buyers seek.

While looking through their portfolio, you should also consider if you like the staged homes. Do the homes appear professional and put together? You want to find a style that will target different buyers.

Consider if the colors and furnishings appear professional and put together.

Read Different Reviews and Testimonials

Learn about a company by speaking with clients or reading about their experiences. Ask the staging company if they have recent testimonials you can hear.

What do some previous clients say about their experience with the company? Are the reviews positive or range in the middle?

Search online and read more about the company you’d like to pick. Ensure you read the three-star reviews to see what the company did well and what customers didn’t like.

What Services Does the Company Provide?

Not every home should get a traditional home staging. When you look at hiring a company, make sure they can service your particular home. If you have a smaller budget, you could look at soft staging or a redesign.

You could look at virtual staging as well. If you have a smaller budget, check out these different options and ask about them.

Look at Scheduling a Consultation

After researching, you should look at scheduling a consultation with the staging company. Before choosing a company, you want to make sure you can work with the particular staging team.

You will end up working closely with the staging company during the home selling process. You want to have a shared vision and be compatible with the team working on your home.

Does the Company Have Insurance?

Before you pick the company, make sure you ask if the company has insurance or not.

The company should be able to give you proof of their insurance. You should look for workers comp insurance and liability insurance.

If you hire a company that doesn’t have these insurances, you could get held liable if someone’s injured.

Redesign or Home Staging?

Redesign happens when a client has decent furniture. A stager comes in and uses them in an appealing manner. The company will rearrange the furniture and declutter the home, removing personal items.

Home staging involves bringing new furniture and decor into the home. Sometimes, the home staging professionals will paint the walls or change the flooring.

A home might only need a minor redesign, while others might need a complete staging.

When talking to the home staging professional, ask them how they choose what will go in a home. The process will be unique for the different listings.

The professional will consider the size of your home, the market, and the neighborhood.

When Can the Company Provide Services?

Do you have a particular timeline for when you would like to put your house on the market? If you have a timeline, make sure you ask the stager to provide the services before that date.

If the home staging company has lots of projects on the go, they might not be able to finish your project on time. You want to ask about the company’s schedule, and if they will be able to provide the service.

How Were the Results?

Home stagers should boost the marketability of your house. You want to find a company that has success with selling homes after staging them.

If the company had a successful home staging, they should be able to provide examples. Make sure you ask the company how the houses did after the staging.

The staging company should know how to target different buyers in the market. Ask the company to talk about previous success stories.

You want to work with a professional company that will help you sell your home fast. Learn more about how to achieve a quick sale of your home.

Now You Know More About Home Staging Companies

We hope this guide on how to pick a home staging company was helpful. When researching home staging companies, ask about what services they provide. Do they have a lot of experience staging homes like yours?

Are you looking for more helpful homeowner tips? Check out our resources on the blog.


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