Tips for Preparing a Speech as a Maid of Honor

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Being a maid of honor is one of the biggest honors you can have. It comes with a lot of responsibility and you should be proud that your friend believes you have what it takes. One of the most important parts is delivering your maid of honor speech. This article will give you some great tips on how to prepare an excellent maid of honor speech.

Pick A Specific Theme

You need to have a specific idea of the theme that you want to flow throughout your speech. This theme could be highlighting a specific aspect of their personality or their life. There are many ways you can approach this but you should be sure that they are awesome ideas. All parts of the speech should be connected to this theme and link everything together in a cohesive manner. Think about what you want to focus on and stick to the theme. 

Decide On A Point Of View

Once you have a theme you also want to decide what point of view you want to get across. The point of view and the theme go hand in hand and should support one another. Try to stick to one particular point of view and don’t bog down your speech by trying to add in other points of view as well. It can be broad but make sure you know exactly what you are trying to get across. 

Set Out Your Must-Have Moments

Your must-have moments are memorable stories that you know will go down well in a speech. You want these to be real knock-out anecdotes that will be funny for those who know what happened and those who don’t. Remember that there will be family members who may not know all of the bride’s personal stories. You have carte blanche to embarrass the bride to be but you don’t want to make it uncomfortable for the guests as well. Use your judgment to find the perfect must-have moments to include in your speech and work your theme and viewpoint around them. 

Start At The Beginning

To ensure that your speech has a good narrative ark, you will want to start at the beginning and work towards the end. You should find that the way your story flows makes it quite easy to work through the beginning, middle, and end. Try your best to tie up the story in a nice bow that leaves everyone feeling warm and puts the emphasis on what a great couple these guys are going to make. You will be surprised at how naturally it comes when you start at the beginning and make your way towards the end.

Drop The Mic

After you have spent months planning the wedding with the bride-to-be, as maid of honor the speech is your moment to enjoy and express your love and thanks to the bride and groom. Use it as an opportunity to show what their relationship means to you and enjoy the opportunity to speak freely for a few minutes. Rarely do you get to openly express your feelings so try to make it count. Hopefully, you are ready to write a knock-out, drop-the-mic maid of honor speech by using this guide. 



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