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Top Engagement Ring Trends for Women in 2021

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By now, everyone has realized that not even a pandemic can stop love. And it certainly cannot prevent engagements. With designers getting more creative and would-be brides getting more specific in their demands, the latest engagement ring trends are worth noting. Your ring reflects your personal style. Be it a vintage-inspired design, the fashion-forward two-stone ring, or gemstone colours, get a scoop of what is selling right now.

If you are considering getting a ring and want to know the latest trends in store, dive into this article.

Wedding Bands

2021 has seen a shift in ring design, with more and more women preferring accessories that are easy to sanitize. The newest favorites are bold, have a maximalist band, and are diamond-encrusted. They give out a sparkle that renders a surefire fashion upgrade to the solid metal band. 

Blue Rings

While yellow and pink stones in rings have been hot for some time now, rings in 2021 are all about putting your idea on something blue. Be it a rich royal blue one or an aqua gemstone, this trend brings mermaid vibes to the occasion. To make this ‘It’ hue work for you on your special day, choose a setting that expresses your style.

Vintage Rings

This has been a year in which families are essentially staying apart and yearning to meet each other. In such times, the longing to meet the elders may make one nostalgic. As you are about to spin a world of your own, try out heirloom-inspired ideas that connect vintage details to modern love stories. 

Taking inspiration from bygone eras, several fashion-conscious women are considering vintage rings. It might be a sparkler with an art deco flair or a Victorian touch. 

Intricacies like filigree, milgrain, and detailed halos render a unique feeling to this bling. Such an engagement ring displaying an heirloom quality can never go wrong with its timeless appeal and glamour. 

Two-stone Rings

This ring type comes with two stones, and the French call it ‘Toi et Moi ring.’ With its out-of-the-box design of two stones sitting side-by-side and a megawatt shine, the ring symbolizes the union of two souls. Though fashionable women in 2021 have taken a liking for this design, Napoleon Bonaparte had proposed Josephine de Beauharnais with a diamond and sapphire ring in the 18th century.

Pear cut diamonds

Also referred to as the pendeloque or teardrop cut, the pear-cut diamond is a classy cut featuring the brilliance of a traditional cut. It can be worn with the tip facing downwards or upwards.

Split Shank Ring

Increasing in popularity day by day, a split shank ring has a distinct feature – the band parts as it reaches the stone in the centre. If you have looked at celebrities’ ring designs lately, you must have come across this unique design. The shape of the split shank covers the central stone so beautifully that it exudes charm and is bound to attract attention.

Halo Ring

The ever-popular halo diamond ring is going to stay. It is one of those ring ideas that neer fade and never change. They are cut in such a way that the stone catches light all the time to impart a genuine breath-taking sparkle to your engagement ring. 

Gypsy Ring 

The gypsy ring, popularized during the Victorian era, has a stone mounted flush with the metal. Thanks to your love for bold, chunky rings, this style has returned with all its beauty. 

Now that you are equipped with some of the trendiest styles and designs for rings this year, choose one which suits your preferences the most. Let the designs of the past inspire you, or go for something more contemporary; whatever it may be, your ring will speak a thousand words about you. 


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