Why Do Construction Signs Matter For Safety?

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Signs on a construction site are often as ubiquitous as the iconic hard hat or hi vis vest. But while many construction site operators undoubtedly appreciate that they have to invest in providing workers with good protective and visible clothing, some see reduced signage as a cost-cutting measure.

Yet the stats continue to demonstrate that the construction and civil engineering industries need to invest in good construction site signs to meet health and safety legislation. Beyond the law, there’s also a moral obligation in ensuring that construction workers’ safety is put first before there is any consideration of profits.

Many people have lost their lives due to workplace incidents. Whilst there could be a perception that most of these deaths are due to self-employed construction workers taking risks, the reality is that most of the deaths were workers within construction companies. So signs that say, for example, ‘hard hats worn at all times’ and caution site entrance signs are clearly important to reduce the number of fatalities and injuries within the construction industry.

These signs have already played such an important in reducing the number of deaths over the past three decades. However it isn’t just workers who are at risk from poor health and safety practices, but the general public too. So proper signage on a site – such as, for example, a construction site entrance sign – is important to ensure that members of the public do not accidentally wander into a hazardous situation.

It is clear that construction signs still matter and still save lives. Signs are the number one way to identify potential hazards to not just your workers, but also members of the public. For that reason, companies like Blue Iron LLC recognize that safety signs are a key investment in ensuring that your company is meeting health and safety standards. 

Industries That Need Them

Safety signboards for construction site locations are a must for companies across a variety of industries. This is due to the fact that many businesses within industries that work in or around construction need to ensure that there are construction site signs in place to meet a high level of health & safety standards. Cutting corners by not investing in signs is a bad idea as it will only lead to the possibility of accidents on a site. And accidents on a site usually lead to site operators having to pay a large amount of money in compensation to the victim(s) of these failings.

Not only that, but the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has fined companies hundreds of thousands of pounds for health and safety failings – even when no injury has been caused to a person. So spending a comparatively small amount of money to secure construction signs is definitely worth it. Construction businesses are, of course, an obvious example of who should be using safety signs on construction site locations. However, the likes of demolition experts and, crucially, civil engineering companies should be using such signs too. This is particularly true of engineers performing roadworks.

This is because this is an industry where workers, heavy machinery, and the public intersect in a very close manner due to roads being heavily populated by vehicles. In such instances, signs need to be clearly seen and identifiable to everyone in close proximity to roadworks. 


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