4 Things that May Be Causing Your Headaches

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Do you suffer from headaches? If so, this post may be right up your alley. Down below, you’ll find some useful information on four things that can cause a headache and what you can do to prevent them in the future – have a look!

#1 Stress

Stress is a headache in and of itself. When you are stressed, your muscles tense up, which can cause pain throughout the body, including your head. Stress also stimulates regions of your brain that contribute to headaches, so it’s essential for you to manage stress levels as much as possible!

There are many ways you can reduce your stress levels; from taking short breaks during the day, exercising regularly (even something like walking around the block), or even talking about what is causing stress with someone close or professional such as an occupational therapist. Practicing mindfulness meditation and deep breathing techniques have also been found to be very useful in managing stress in a healthy manner. 

#2 Impaired vision

Did you know that impaired vision can be a headache trigger? It’s true! Bad eyesight such as blurry or double vision may result in headaches. There are two reasons why this causes pain. First, it isn’t normal, and your body isn’t used to seeing things in a blurry way , so the brain tries to correct the issue by sending signals through the trigeminal nerve, which is what you experience as head pain/pressure. Second, poor eyesight also puts more stress on your body since your muscles have to work harder than usual by straining too much trying to see clearly (this is also called squinting), causing extra tension and therefore potentially resulting in a headache.

You can prevent these types of headaches simply by getting an eye exam every year (at least). Ask friends or family if they have a recommendation for an optometrist in the area. Also, if you’re an NVA member, be sure to check if you have any benefits on your NVA Member App before going for an eye exam.

#3 Poor Posture

Poor posture can also be responsible for causing or exacerbating headaches. When you slump over at your desk or don’t sit correctly while driving, this causes you to put excess pressure on your muscles, resulting in pain throughout the body, including the head region, because of increased tension within these areas. It’s important to take breaks every 30 minutes from sitting down and stretch (gently) once per hour when possible too so that you aren’t putting yourself through extra stress by being inactive even though you are sedentary for most of the day!

#4 Other Contributing Factors

Toxic exposure to chemicals or other environmental factors such as loud noise, strong scents, and bright lights can also contribute to headaches. The best way to protect yourself from these types of things is by eating healthy (fresh fruits and vegetables) since they have antioxidants that help flush out toxins in your body. Also, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, so your body has what it needs to function properly, including washing away anything harmful with proper hydration. 

By utilizing the above tips, you’ll be able to get to the bottom of those frustrating headaches once and for all and get the help you need in order to live a pain-free life!

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