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5 Customization Options You May Get When Buying an Engagement Ring

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If you are looking for an enchanting engagement ring to make your special day even more unique, then customized rings should be your go-to. 

Most of the Jared reviews online say there is no better way to create magic on your engagement day than by working with a brand like Jared to tailor every minor detail of the ring to perfectly suit you and your partner’s preferences.

Here are five customization options that some of the best jewelers offer.

Add an Engraving to the Ring

Is there a better way to add a personal and loveable touch to an engagement ring than by adding a heartfelt engraving to it? 

As an engagement ring is going to travel with you and your partner throughout your life, customizing it with an engraving will make the ring more private and personal.

Compared to the usual customizations that go with rings, engraving will always remain one-of-a-kind. Moreover, besides being a symbol of your special moment, it also comes by as a tribute to your relationship.

According to most of the Jared reviews online, renowned jewelry brands like Jared offer this service for engagement rings and even pendants and other pieces for a fair cost. 

Choice of Metal

From platinum engagement rings to white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and more, jewelers offer a myriad of customization options. 

If you admire white metals and lean more towards low and effective maintenance and extended durability, then platinum should be your first choice of metal.

If platinum is not your cup of tea, you can also choose the sought-after white gold engagement rings. This metal is known for its sturdiness and is a good choice for everyday wear.

There are also endless options for those looking to add a bit of color to your rings. So, giving you the freedom to pick a choice of metal is also a popular customization option offered by many jewelers. 

Customize the Shape of the Stone

Any precious stone or diamond, for that matter, can be reshaped in different ways. If you have a ring with a stone that you are not fond of or would love to customize the rock, then you have the choice to modify the shape of the ring’s center stone. 

Moreover, this is an excellent way to customize your ring in a way that suits the design in your mind. You can also get inspiration on different shapes that will work with the type of center stone that you have.

Some of the shapes you can go for are – princess, round, heart, oval, cushion, and more. There is indeed a shape for everyone. 

Combining Two Different Styles

For most of you, the toughest task in picking an engagement ring is narrowing down the choices. With so many mesmerizing designs in the stores, it can indeed be disconcerting to settle on one.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution for this: customizing the ring by combining different styles. 

For instance, if you want to go with a traditional ring but your partner wants to pick a modern one. In this case, the apt thing to do is to combine the two distinct styles.

When you work with a custom designer and explain your visions of the ring, he will come up with a design that includes the different styles in your mind.

Play Around With Stones

A large number of beautiful women indeed admire engagement rings with a diamond in them. However, there is also an equal number of people in love with another form of stone. 

So, whether you have already decided on the stone you want or want to add a splash of color to it, changing the gemstone on the engagement ring is a fun way to create unique and customized pieces. 

Also, most of the Jared reviews online say that Jared does not ever compromise customer preferences. So, all you must do is pick the right seller and pick a stone of your choice to go with the engagement ring. 


If you want to woo your partner with a custom ring, reach out to an experienced jeweler who provides customization as a specialty service. 


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