6 Failsafe Gifts For Any Occasion

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It can be hard to pick the perfect present for loved ones in your life. You want to buy something that will make them happy without breaking the bank. We’ve compiled a list of amazing gifts that will raise a smile for any occasion and that virtually anyone will love. Check out our top options below! 


Who doesn’t love chocolate? This sweet treat is a fool proof offering for adults and children alike. Even if your recipient can’t eat regular chocolate there are many vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free versions on the market that are equally delicious. Whether it’s Christmas chocolate gifts for all the family or a handpicked box for special occasions, this confection perfection is an absolute go-to when it comes to gift-giving.

A Coloring Book

Now bear with us for a moment. Whilst coloring books used to be for under 10s only, these days they have returned to the mass market with a bang. From hilarious adult-only books full of swears to soothing nature-inspired pages, coloring books are ideal for anyone to enjoy. Great for upping fine motor skills and relieving stress, your giftee can while away an evening relaxing with a pack of pencils.

A Phone Case

Unless you’re a young child, virtually everyone has a cell phone. Cases are a fun way to express your personality and show off your style. Pick a case that is unique to that person, whether it be printed with their name or in their favorite color and your gift recipient will appreciate that you’ve thought about them. Just make sure you buy a good quality option that provides protection as well as looks great.

A Board Game

Board games can remind us of the lost hours of childhood, family arguments over Monopoly that last for days, and tears and temper tantrums but let’s face it – they’re fun! Pick a game that best serves the interests of the giftee. If they’re into writing and language buy a game such as ‘Bananagrams’ or ‘Boggle’. If they’re into true crime ‘Detective’ will be their bag. If you’re looking for a game of chaos try ‘Exploding Kittens’ if playing with kids or go all out on a game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ for some raucous adults-only fun.

Bluetooth Headphones

Music is the gift that keeps on giving right? Purchase some good quality Bluetooth headphones for your recipient and they’ll be forever grateful. Perfect for the gym, on the school bus or just chilling out at home! Look for ones with a decent battery life with good reviews. If you want to personalize the present, make a shareable playlist with songs that you’ve hand-picked, just for your loved one’s ears.


Coming home and enveloping your feet into pure plush comfort is the best feeling in the world. Treat their feet with a pair of fluffy slippers to offer them a little slice of luxury after a hard day. If you’re buying for kids look out for some themed ones – whether it’s Fortnite or animals, there’s a slipper set out there for everyone! 

What is your favorite go-to gift? Sound off in the comments!

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