6 Reasons People Like To Go On Dates

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People choose to go on dates for a plethora of reasons. Generally, the main goal of dating is to find a suitable mate to marry and then start a family. However, settling down isn’t always the motivating factor as to why someone goes on a date. Here are six other reasons why people enjoy dating.

1. To Find Love

Many people are on an epic search for love. Someone looking for love wants to feel butterflies in their stomach when they see their date walk in the room. Throughout the date, the individual will probably have a constant smile and an overall happy demeanor. 

If both parties feel the same way after several dates, then it must be love! While the goal here is a long-term relationship, not marriage, sometimes the heart takes over. One partner may decide to start looking at engagement rings, and love might turn into a marriage. 

2. To Avoid Being Alone

Some people can’t handle being alone. They want to be in a relationship because that’s what they’re accustomed to, and they are afraid to fly solo. Because of this fear, they will date nearly anyone they meet, whether there is an obvious connection or not. Dating to cure loneliness, however, may lead to continuous heartache. 

Being alone is frightening to some people because they don’t know how to keep themselves entertained. Rather than finding fun things they could do on their own, they seek out other people to help them ease their boredom.

3. To Find a Companion

Some people, often widowers, feel alone and want to spend time with companions. When looking for a companion, an individual is seeking someone to have a quick and meaningful connection with. While companions are emotionally invested in each other and spend a lot of time together, their relationship generally remains platonic. 

Both parties must be in agreement about their companion status.

4. To Grow One’s Skills

Going on dates teaches people how to react and relate to others, which helps build their social skills. Dating is the perfect time for a person to hone in on skills that they need to practice, such as being more assertive or talking about their feelings. They can also learn how to deal with conflict and make compromises.

These relationship skills are essential for a person to practice in case that special someone comes along. People who have been preparing themselves will be confident in their abilities to make great first impressions.

5. To Understand Rejection 

Being rejected is not a primary goal of dating, but it is a possible outcome. However, rejection is a much larger part of life outside of dating. For instance, people can be turned down from jobs, colleges or even doctors’ appointments. Accepting being told “no” encourages individuals to move on and try harder next time.

Rejection forces people to take a closer look at themselves. After being turned down, an individual should tweak their skills and personality traits if necessary. These small changes will ultimately lead to personal growth.

Oddly enough, the more a person gets denied, the stronger they become. If an individual has learned a valuable lesson from being rejected, the experience wasn’t a complete waste.

6. To Have Fun

Most importantly, dating should be fun! An individual gets to dress up in their finest gear while enjoying a nice dinner, watching a movie or experiencing other entertainment.

Because there are no set rules when dating, a person can go out with multiple people in the same timeframe. Casual dating is an excellent way for individuals to get out of the house and enjoy others’ company. Even if going out doesn’t lead to a romantic relationship, many people develop friendships that last a lifetime.

There are several reasons why people go on dates. Regardless of their dating intentions, as long as both parties agree on dating goals, their time together should work out fine. Individuals shouldn’t be afraid to go out and meet new people. Heading out to have fun may unexpectedly lead someone to find their soulmate.

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