7 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Feet

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It’s essential to take proper care of your feet. They’re the workhorses of your body, bearing your weight all day, and getting you from A to B. Your hard-working feet definitely deserve a little TLC and there’s nothing more relaxing than a DIY pedicure or foot massage at the end of the day. It’s important to keep on top of your foot health, wear the right shoes, and boost your circulation. Here are seven simple ways to take care of your feet.

Get a massage

There are several benefits of foot massage, whether you get it done professionally, ask your partner, or even DIY your own. It stimulates circulation, relieves tension, and reduces inflammation. It’s one of the best ways to take care of your feet and very effective after a long day. Massage is also one of the great ways to wind down after a workout. You could even invest in an acupressure matt, or massage roller, or ball so you can get to those aches more easily.

Treat yourself to new slippers

If you love wearing cozy fluffy slippers in the house, why not treat your feet to a new pair? It’s important to go for a good quality pair that will keep your feet protected, comfortable, and free of irritation. Check out these natural wool slippers, for example. They’re ethically handmade in Nepal from 100% wool. The interior is designed to mold to your feet for a perfect fit and excellent support as well. You can’t go wrong with the right pair of slippers.

Give yourself a pedicure

You don’t need to book an appointment at the salon if you want to give your feet a pampering, there are plenty of pedicure tools you can use at home. These include mini spa baths, foot soaks and scrubs, peels and masks, and even electric foot files. You can get rid of all the hard skin on your feet and leave them feeling soft and smooth. You can then do your nails if you like. What could be better for a relaxing evening in front of Netflix? You could even organize pedicures as part of a home spa evening with friends.

Choose the right shoes

It’s essential to choose the right shoes. If you are going to wear heels or strappy sandals from time to time, give your feet a break as well and wear something more supportive. There are certain shoes that are good for your feet, according to the experts. These include cushioned sneakers and Birkenstock-style sandals, for instance. It’s always worth investing in quality shoes that fit properly. You should also rotate your shoes rather than wearing the same ones everyday as this will be better for your feet.

Add padding and protection

You could add extra padding and protection to your shoes in the form of inserts or insoles. These will provide your feet with extra support. They can also make your shoes fit better and some are designed to eliminate odors. Insoles aren’t expensive and you can pick up a pair at your local drug store or supermarket. You could also look into using smaller foot pads and specially designed band aids to prevent blisters. These might be necessary if you’re wearing new shoes in.

Keep on top of any conditions

Keep on top of any conditions such as athlete’s foot, corns, and long or broken toe nails. See a doctor or speak to your local pharmacist if you notice anything unusual. They’ll be able to suggest a suitable solution. This will help to ensure you get to the root of the problem quickly and get your back on your feet in no time. Stick to a daily foot hygiene routine as well and give your feet plenty of rest. Here are a few more healthy feet tips for sweaty feet, odor control, and other common issues.

Get plenty of exercise

Even though it’s important to give your feet a break from time to time, you should also maintain an exercise routine. This will help to boost circulation to your feet, improve strength, and flexibility, and even allow you to take less pressure off your feet. If you’re fitter you’ll be lighter on your feet. Do exercises to improve your posture as well such as yoga or core work, for example. This will also help you refrain from dragging your feet. You can then treat yourself to a DIY foot massage or pedicure after your workout and give your feet the care they deserve.

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