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Best Homeware Pieces to Update Your Home

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Giving your home a makeover doesn’t always mean that you have to strip walls, update color schemes and invest in pricey furniture. In fact, the simple addition of one or two marquee items can win fact give you the feeling of a space which has been renewed, and given a new lease of life. There is always a time of course, for you to undertake a new decorating project, but we can extend the life of our existing decorations with some well chosen homewares. Here are some ideas which you may look to incorporate in your home, which will achieve a new look and give those spaces a different feel.

Reading Chair 

Many people have spaces in their homes which become dead space as they are too small to create much by way of real design. These are the ideal spots for a nice reading chair, which will add another theme to the space. This could be a corner of the living room or the landing, anywhere that you can comfortably fit a small single chair into, with perhaps a lamp hanging over the chair. These spaces become used with surprisingly frequency, and you’ll soon wonder why you hadn’t done it sooner. 

Indoor Plants 

 Even the addition some indoor plants to the home can revolutionize the way that it looks and quite literally breathe fresh life into the space. Don’t fancy yourself as being very green thumbed? Fear not as there is an array of plant options which you can choose which will freshen up the place, and really don’t require much care at all. There are numerous benefits beyond aesthetics which indoor plants can offer, such as cleaner air, lower stress and even increased productivity. 

Invest in Frames

A really great idea to freshen up wall space is to add photos of your family and friends. To make this even more stylish use different sized frames with a variety of designs. This will serve as a perfect place to view your favorite people, and the frames will ensure that the style points are in the bag. 

Snug Rug 

Wooden and stone floors can be given a great makeover with the addition of an oversized rug. Not only do rugs add a certain warmth to the room, they also offer timeless style and are always in fashion. Aim to get the biggest rug which the space allows, combining the colors and styles with the upholstery and cushions in the room. 

Baskets and Linens

Bringing natural products into the space such as linens and baskets will really freshen up a room and create a simple yet effective theme in living rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. If you are tight on space then make this functional pieces such as storage crates and table runners, this way you can add the style without giving up any of that precious space. 

Feeling Welcome

As mentioned in the title, feeling that your home has been shown some love doesn’t have to cost the Earth. This is why something as simple as a new doormat will improve your mood greatly upon entering the home. The key to giving your property a new look is buying small pieces each month, and what better place to get started than the entrance to the home?

New Lampshades

If you have lamps around the home then you’ll know that replacing them is probably a big job. Instead of this, simply give those lamps a new style with upgraded shades, picking out some different colors from inside the room. 

As you can see, giving your home a makeover can be simple, just as these home-wares prove.


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