Can Lash Extensions Give You A Stylish Look?

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Everybody loves dramatic and thick eyelashes that flutter like a butterfly when we wink our eyes. Not everybody is blessed with naturally curly and lovely-looking eyelashes. Hence, several women prefer high-quality eyelash extensions for special occasions like marriage, parties, and even daily usage.

Some women use eyelash extensions unavoidably, and others cannot live without them, making false eyelashes and eyelash extensions an integral part of their beauty routine. DIY eyelash extensions are a breeze for women who do not have enough time to apply makeup every day, want to save on buying expensive mascaras, and are allergic to heavy eye makeup.

Bye-bye tired Eyes

Women give extreme importance to eye makeup because it can make or break a face. No matter how flawless the face looks, a set of tired eyes can completely spoil the look and make them look offbeat. Working women need to maintain a confident and self-assured look throughout the day, and it is not easy to do so regularly. From PMS to overwork and mental stress, plenty of factors contribute to tired eyes, dark circles under the eyes, and puffy eyes.

Thick eyelashes alone will not eliminate all these problems, but they can help significantly to brighten up the eyes and draw attention towards the thick and luscious lashes. You can create highly natural and fresh-looking eyes within a few minutes without much hassle using false lashes. Parlor-done fake eyelash extensions are costly, a bit time-consuming, and require expert assistance. DIY lashes can be self-applied at home and make you look stylish on every occasion.

DIY eyelashes can be applied within 15 minutes and will last for over a week, wiping away the worry about tired eyes. Brands like Lilac St stylish DIY eyelash extensions, Sweed Lashes classic collection and Vavalash eye extension collection provide a professional finish to your eyelashes, creating an authentic parlor-done look within no time.

Save the time spent on makeup

Women spend up to 10 to 15 minutes every day just for eye makeup, applying mascara, getting the lashes right, and covering the upper lids and the area under the eyes properly. Applying mascara is tedious for many women because it can get into the eyes, cause a burning sensation and sometimes cause natural lashes to fall off with continuous usage. And the worst part is sometimes the mascara can get clumpy or smudge, making the eyes look weird.

There will be no strips or peeled layers visible even when the face is examined closely while using the reputed Lilac St lash extensions. The brand proudly calls it, perfect kiss-distance closeup. Get ready for last-minute meetups in no time, and there is no need to carry makeup in the purse always.

DIY eyelashes are very affordable and can be applied once a week, eliminating the need to apply mascara. No more messy eyes during an important meeting or rushing to the restroom to re-apply mascara to make the eyes look brighter. Just spend ten minutes on the weekend and get makeup-free yet stunning-looking eyes for the rest of the week.

Versatile styles for different occasions

When it comes to makeup, one style doesn’t fit all the occasions, and it is true or fake eyelash extensions too. Parlor-done eyelash extensions last for more than a month but give your eyes only one perfect style. DIY lashes come at affordable prices in various styles suitable for different eye sizes and face shapes. You can layer them multiple times to create the desired thickness as they are incredibly lightweight.

DIY eyelash extensions allow you to remove the fake eyelashes whenever you want and create different looks for different occasions throughout the week. Lankiz, Sweed Lashes classic collection, and Vavalash can create a doll-faced, cat-eye look suitable for romantic getaways. DIY extensions are safe to use on the eyes and can get removed immediately if there is any discomfort, unlike permanently fixed fake lashes.

You can easily peel it off in the morning and create a classic look suitable for work using the Trish McEvoy pick-me-up lashes. If you want to rock a party after work, Eneda volume eyelash extensions and Eylure brands provide colored and highlighted eyelashes that provide mega volume to the eyes. Various DIY lash styles can get used for different occasions making your makeup look flawless and suitable for every event.


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