Filing a Personal Injury Claim? Here Are Some Tips From the Experts

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Suffering from an accident is a very traumatic experience. Be the cause of vehicular collision, an encounter with fire, or a workplace safety failure, the end result remains the same. If none of these occurrences was your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. To afford yourself a greater guarantee of this end, follow these steps.

Document Everything To The Best Of Your Ability

The more evidence you collect, the more of it you can present. Visual depiction of the surroundings, the site of injury, the mechanism of injury, your bodily damage should all be captured with photos or on video. You want to get copies of all your subsequent medical billing to include all treatment received, recommendations for hospitalization or rehabilitation, the need for assisted care, and the purchase of supportive equipment like crutches and wheelchairs. Be sure to request a copy of the police report filed on the scene. If there are any witnesses who are willing to state on the record what they observed, also include that information. All of these should be handed over to your chosen attorney.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer

Before settling on an attorney, review their performance. Check out previous customers reviews. Inquire about their level of experience, and success rate at trial. Boasting decades of experience and substantial wins at trial, this personal injury law firm is ready to take on your case. They assure that their commitment to justice urges them to push harder on your behalf and to dig deeper to uncover all potentially hidden areas of your case that could affect the outcome. Insurance agencies will undoubtedly lowball you with their initial offer. 

As an ordinary citizen, you may not be aware that you deserve significantly more. This is one reason why you should think twice about taking on these major corporations alone. A skilled team backing you will force the hand of your insurance company to give you exactly the compensation you truly deserve. 

Keep Your Cool

When communicating with your insurance company, maintain a cool and calm demeanor. You may not observe it, but they are trained to regard your body language as well as your verbal correspondence. Keep your tone level, your pace steady. Any sign they get that you are unsure of yourself or overeager to get paid, they will take advantage of that. You could be in the worse financial situation possible, with bills passed due, even on the brink of eviction, they should never know. You need to give off the vibe that you are comfortable where you stand and will do all in your power to get the compensation you know is deserving. Be prepared for many back and forths. The first two offers will come nowhere near the sum you should be paid. It will look tempting, no doubt, but be resolute in your stance to gain the best outcome possible. 

Be Aware Of The Statute Of Limitations

If things don’t go the way you hoped, you may be considering taking the matter to court. You have all your relevant documents, you’ve hired a personal injury law firm and you figure this is your best bet. Well, firstly, listen to what your lawyer has to say. It could be that the insurance agency just needs to be pressed a little harder. A lawsuit should be the last resort especially since they usually drag out for long periods and cost a lot of money. 

Before the go-ahead can be given from your attorney, the statute of limitations would need to be reviewed to ensure you are within the legally binding time period to file. If you got the ball rolling right after the accident, this would not be an issue. But for those persons who waited some time before deciding to pursue this line of action, a check is necessary. Depending on your state, you are allotted between one and six years to file a lawsuit. If you try to file after the stipulated date, there is a very high chance your suit will be dismissed. 

There is, however, a discovery rule exception to the statute of limitations. In some instances, the revelation of an injury is delayed. This can be especially true for internal trauma. Another avenue that could extend the time frame is if the defendant leaves the state and cannot be contacted. This will cause the countdown clock to be paused. 

Filing a personal injury claim is not very difficult as long as you act fast, and smart. Your best bet of emerging victorious is to partner with an experienced lawyer who can lead you through every twist and turn.

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