How to Maintain Your Hair-Extensions?

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Making use of hair extensions is the ideal way to transform your hair. But, while they have to look gorgeous, you have to ensure they look flawless and last for a long time. For this, taking regular care of the hair extensions is imperative, but given the busy schedule, you may not have enough time to opt for maintenance appointments as you had wished you would. Check out the guide to take care of your favorite extensions.  

Wash the extension properly 

You probably treat your extensions the way you treat your own hair. But, you need to stick to certain norms while washing your hair. For example, the shampoo and conditioner you apply should be the one suggested by the extension technician. This is because each type of extension – silicone lined copper rings, micro rings that use small or pre-taped wefts, has different requirements to ensure secure bonds. You also need to use the right components while washing your hair so that your natural hair does not stop growing. Avoid ingredients that remove natural oils from your hair and make your extensions matted. Alcohol and sulfates belong to this category.

When you have collected all the right products, it is time to follow the correct method of washing. Instead of flipping the hair over the bath, you can wash your hair in the shower, letting the water flow down your tresses. The former method may be convenient and quick, but the hair will be tangling and you will have to brush out the knots. 

While washing with shampoo, massage the hair roots to get rid of unwanted oil sticking to those parts and nourish the hair. Last but not the least, always use warm water and not hot water to retain the hair and scalp’s natural oils. 

Avoid sleeping with wet extensions

A nap in slightly damp hair after a soothing shower feels awesome. But, that is a strict no if you want your extensions to last. Wet hair is weak and sensitive. All the tossing and turning you do while sleeping gets the better of both your extensions and natural tresses. When you finally wake up in the morning, problems like falling extensions, matted roots, and tangled hair will show and you will have to rush to the extension maintenance expert.  

If you are too sleepy to resist it, use a hairdryer to dry the hair fast and thoroughly. 

Tie up your hair before going off to sleep

Do not forget to knot your hair back lightly to protect the roots and extension bonds from getting pressurized. Take a spiral hair band and make a low ponytail. So, when you wake up in the morning, you do not sport a bedhead. Another great way to check tangled hair and display beach waves is to make braids before calling it day. 

Segregate the bonds every day

Separating the bonds daily may sound time-consuming, but it takes only a few minutes. All you have to do is feel the bonds and check that they have not become tangled. In case, some of the binds have become entangled, separate them with a small comb or brush. This process of setting the bonds apart helps the extensions from getting matted against loose hair. 

Looking at your reflection in the mirror after fitting new hair extensions feels great. To guarantee their durability and lasting beauty, visit technicians and follow the steps shared above. 



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