How to Shave In Three Steps?

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The following beginner’s guide is perfect if you have just started out learning to shave or searching for tips to up your shave game. 

Continue reading to learn about shaving secrets your barber refused to share with you.

Learning About Hair Growth

It is necessary to learn the direction of the hair growth so you know how to maneuver the razor. Remember, facial hair grows downward while the hairs on your neck and sides have a mind of their own. They may grow in a spiral direction, which can get stuck in the razor blades.

Once you have figured out the direction of the growing hair, it is time to apply the shaving cream or soap. The quality of the shaving agent will significantly impact the quality of the shave. Therefore, take your time building the dream lather before shaving. A well-lathered shave will result in minimum irritation or possible redness if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Holding the Safety Razor

Most companies provide a safety mechanism built into the razors to avoid bleeding and unfortunate cuts. When held properly, the blades present inside the razor fall short of the safety strip. This means the safety feature is in direct contact with the skin, pushing the blades away.

For the optimum result, hold the razor blade at a thirty-degree angle. Learning to shave with any razors is a learning process. You can browse a wide selection of shaving tools at


  • After grabbing the razor at an appropriate angle, use short swipes of one to three centimeters to shave your face. Longer stroking motions will result in skin skipping and cuts while simultaneously tugging the skin, gaslighting the aging timeline.
  • The tool in your hand is present to do all the hard work. Refrain from applying too much pressure on the razor. Shift the weight of the razor according to the curve of the jawbone and neck.
  • You must also shave in the direction of the growing hair. Shaving in the opposite direction may seem appealing but prepare yourself for skin dandruff or irritation if you choose to do that.

You are almost done!

If halfway through the shave, you feel your razor has become dull by clogged shaving cream or hair strands, simply flip the razors. Blades today come two-sided for ease of shaving. It also eliminates the need to clean the razor blade under running water each time it clogs.

Second Shave?

If you see some facial hair have managed to escape the razor, go for a second shave. You can look in the mirror for a close-up or run your fingertips to feel where hair is still present. A second shave is a professional tip for a smoother and cleaner shave.

Now you are Done!

Rinse the face and dry it using a towel. You can apply an after-shave or a moisturizer to soothe the skin if you feel any irritation or tingling sensation. It will add a pleasant scent before you are out the door.


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