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Making New Employees Feel Welcome: Top 6 Tips

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Your company’s culture has a great impact on your employees. In fact, it is one of the factors that can either make them leave or make them stay longer.

For that reason, you need to make sure that your employees feel comfortable and welcomed even during the onboarding process – and here are some tips to help you do that.

Engage with Them Early

Some new hires arrive at their job and discover that their co-workers aren’t aware that they’re coming, which could make both parties feel awkward.

So, if you’re expecting your new hire to come, make sure to engage with them early and inform their new co-workers that their new team member is set to start. This will help lessen the awkwardness between both parties. This will also help them know what to expect and prepare for any engagement with the new team member.

Give them a Tour

Once you’ve found the right talent for your company’s job opening, one of the most important things you need to do is to give them a tour. Show them around your building. This way, they will feel comfortable and will know which way is which.

But, the entrances and exits to rooms aren’t the only ones your new hire should know. It would also be helpful if you introduce them to your business structure and your company directories through software and other tools. You can read more here for more information on how you can do that. This way, your onboarding will be smoother.

By doing so, your new hire will not only feel welcome, but they will also have a better idea of how they can move around their workspace.

Provide Training

Every company is different. That said, even if you’ve found the best talent you can ever find, don’t expect them to know everything on their first day.

Even if they’re the best in the field, you still need to ensure to provide them with pieces of training. This way, they will have more idea about their job and everything in their workplace.p

They will feel more comfortable moving around because they already know what to do. And with that, they will feel more confident.

Set Up Workspace

Remember, your new hire isn’t aware of everything in your office. They don’t know where to get the documents they need, and they don’t even have an idea where they can get their own tools for work. Anyone in this situation will feel disheartened if they arrive at work without knowing where and how to start.

Hence, prior to their arrival, make sure to set up their workspace. Provide them with their basic needs in the office, like a comfortable chair, a table, a computer, and even the documents they need to get started. This way, they won’t feel lost and unwelcome.

Give Tasks

Time is important for companies, especially if the loss of your previous employee has greatly affected the flow of your business. And with that, it’s so easy to just pile on all the complicated and big assignments to your new hire to keep up with the flow of your business. But, it’s actually not an ideal thing to do.

Even f they’re the best in the field, it would still be better to allow them to adjust to their new environment. Try to give them smaller and less complicated tasks first, so they will be able to settle in smoothly.

Also, it would be a big help if you provide them with detailed instructions. Hence, they won’t feel overwhelmed.

Yes, this may take some time but, trust the process. This will help bring out the best in your new hire over time.

Assign a Mentor

With their new environment, new hires usually feel unsure of the specifics, especially during their first few weeks in the office. This, needless to say, is because their previous environment and tasks might be different from their job now.

What you can do is assign them someone whom they can go to in case they have questions until they’ve fully adjusted to their new environment. This will make them understand every task better and prevent huge mistakes that could affect everything in your company.

This will also make them feel more comfortable, as they won’t feel alienated from their new co-workers. It will also make them feel more connected with other co-workers.

The work environment is one of the main reasons why employees leave. But, it is also what makes them stay longer if, from the start, you’ve already prepared them well for their new environment.

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