Most Important Sports Technology Novelties Athletes Benefit From

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Sports and technology have come together to be able to offer both fans and athletes the most exciting, complete and rewarding experiences available. Be it from a fans perspective, with advancements like social media platforms to follow their favorite teams’ or athletes’ every move, to specialty sports betting sites that allow fans to wager on their favorite games or events on a daily basis, the sports tech industry has thrived. But let’s talk about how this industry has come to help those who need it the most and of course benefit the most from it, the athletes.

High performance athletes, be it in professional sporting leagues around the world or those who train and compete in less commercial and more activity related fields all have found various and ample ways in which the implementation of sports technology assistance and novelties have come in handy to upgrade their performances, results and safety measures. Here are some of the most important ways in which athletes all around have been able to benefit from the advancements in the sports tech industry.

Virtual Reality Systems

Remember when the closest anyone could get to experiencing virtual reality was going to a stand in a mall and paying for a 10 or 15 minute “experience”? Those were the days, but now thanks to technological advances, using VR has become a staple in many industries in the world ranging from medicine to entertainment and many other fields in between. The sports and consequently sports technology industry is no exception to this as companies around the globe have come to bring teams, athletes and organizations their own version of VR programs to improve training methods and experiences in general.

Companies like Sense Arena from Prague in the Czech Republic as well as Strivr from the US have come to the aid of athletes and sports organizations alike looking to find the most up to date technologically savvy programs to improve their functioning. For example, Sense Arena came up with a program that offers athletes from various disciplines the chance to become more and more immersed in all the ins and outs of training drills and strategies that allows them to improve in their decision-making skills as well as multitasking and timing skills. 

While Sense Arena has focused more on the fields of ice hockey, Strivr on the other hand has focused more on football, baseball and other disciplines helping athletes find ways to train and practice their day to day plays and movements by only using simple VR related equipment rather than having to don full sporting equipment. Teams like the NFL’s New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys are two of the biggest organizations around already using these systems to improve their training methods.

Futuristic Training Equipment

Athletes and trainers alike around the world have understood that the key to finding success in their disciplines is to be able to always be a step ahead of their competition and the sports technology industry has come in very handy to provide such leverage and advantages. Different sporting tech companies around the world have come up with special equipment used during training sessions for athletes to be able to have an upper hand in understanding their movements, the effects of them and how to better their performances. Two pieces of equipment that automatically pop out because of their characteristics are anti gravity treadmills and stationary bikes. These two pieces of equipment allow athletes to be able to find ways to bring down their competition times while allowing them to understand better ways of training and practicing their discipline while avoiding injuries, measuring their stamina and keeping tabs on the intensity in their practices.

Another trend in futuristic training equipment that has surfaced and is already making the rounds is that of wearable tech. The biggest example is that of watches with special GPS systems that are able to monitor an athlete’s every move, sending the information to the trainers and coaches who then are able to come up with especially tailor made training regimens and injury prevention strategies. This system relies on AI (artificial intelligence) to be able understand the mechanics and logics of all body movements athletes go through, helping understand further the movement of all key body parts and then being able to adjust training methods to better fit any athlete’s form.

Apart from that, sporting companies as well as sporting tech companies are coming together more and more to come up with new, improved and more tech savvy options for uniforms, shoes, helmets and others to help better all athletes’ performances as well as maintain the highest level of physical safety.



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