Planning to Purchase a Bed for Seniors? Here are Some Buying Tips

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When it comes to bedding, seniors often have different needs than the rest. This article will help you find the perfect bed for your elderly loved ones with some helpful tips on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing a bed for seniors.

Consider what you can afford

The prices of bedding for seniors vary widely, and there are many types to choose from. If you have a tight budget, consider the following bed models: bunk beds or twin bed sets can be quite affordable if purchased at certain retailers. You may also opt for refurbished mattresses in order to save money on your purchase.

Additionally, before purchasing any bedding for seniors, make sure that you consider the bed size and whether it will fit your senior’s specific needs. Beds come in a range of options from twin to king bed sizes. Those who need adjustable beds or hospice care bed models may benefit from being fitted with special mattresses as well.

The price range varies depending on bed size and model, so it is important to find one within your budget. Make sure you research all bedding for seniors’ options before making a purchase.

Some of the best bedding for seniors come from major manufacturers because they produce quality products that are durable and comfortable year after year. These types of beds allow you peace of mind knowing that there is help should an issue arise with your senior’s mattress some time down the road while still remaining affordable at first. 

Know the type of mattress that is best for your elders 

The mattress that is best for your bed depends on the preferences of its users. Two types that may come to mind are innerspring and foam, but there are other options as well such as gel memory foam or an air mattress which can be more comfortable (as you would assume) because it allows a certain degree of customization based on individual preference. However, if you’re looking at purchasing this type of bed for the elderly, keep these tips in mind:

  • The bed should have some sort of support underneath so they don’t hurt themselves by “sinking” into their bed 
  • A firm surface will help ease pressure points and provide good back support without sinking too much. 
  • You should also get a bed that has handles on the side for easy maneuvering and transfer so they can move from bed to wheelchair more easily (if necessary) which will help prevent skin breakdown as well since it’s too difficult for your loved one to do this alone.
  • Finally, avoid buying used mattresses 

Check out the warranty on the bed before making a purchase

You have to check out the bed warranty before buying the bed because it can be very helpful. It’s important to know what you’re getting into with your hospital bed purchase and a great way is by checking out its warranty. If there are problems, then this is where you have to go for help and to make sure everything gets fixed right away so that they don’t end up messing up the bed or anything else in their home while trying to fix things themselves which could cause more damage than good.

You should check out all kinds of beds when shopping around but just make sure that you get something similar enough from one store/website to another since some websites may not sell exactly the same product as others even though it might look like it online (i.e. bed warranty). It’s important to make sure that you compare the prices as well, so be sure to do this before making your final decision on what bed you want since it may end up being cheaper somewhere else even if they are selling a different bed than where you found the original one.

Make sure it has rails so that accidents are avoided

Rails are important because they will prevent accidents from happening. If the bed doesn’t have rails, it may result in falls and injuries to seniors that might lead to permanent conditions or even death.

Safety with senior patients is very important because they are more likely to have accidents. Without rails, bedsores may also develop from lying in the same position for long periods of time and even prevent them from getting out of bed when needed.

Make sure that it has at least four legs so that it doesn’t break easily. Seniors can fall on a bed with three legs or less since there’s nothing supporting the center if one of these is removed due to wear and tear over time. This could result in an accident as well as injuries such as leg fractures which might lead to hospitalization for months or years depending on severity level.

If you don’t want rails but will buy beds instead, make sure seniors sleep only during hours so they won’t fall out of bed in case they get up and walk around while sleeping. This may also lead to injuries, bedsores as well as death since older people might not be able to move too much once injured or have bedsores which are painful that some don’t want to live anymore because the pain is unbearable.

Consider what kind of medical condition a senior has

You have to consider what kind of medical condition a senior has when buying them bedding. If they have trouble getting up or down out of bed, for example, you don’t want to buy bedding that is high off the ground because it will be too difficult for them to get into and out of. You also need to consider how much room there is in their bedroom so if they plan on moving around while lying in bed.

Consult the doctor before purchasing anything 

Talking to the doctor is the first step you should take when considering bed shopping for a senior. It’s important to make sure that they are medically fit and able to use a bed before purchasing one in order to prevent any harm or injury from occurring during bed usage.

Getting medical clearance is necessary because different illnesses have varying effects on seniors’ bodies, particularly those with chronic conditions. Seniors suffering from various diseases may be more susceptible to bed-related injuries than other groups of people who do not suffer from ailments/illnesses such as arthritis or Parkinson’s disease. 

Now you know what to consider when buying a bed for your elders. This way you’ll be able to take proper care of them with ease. Make sure to consider the prices and that the mattress is comfortable. Talk to the doctor and ensure the elders’ safety before locking onto a bed you want to buy. Good luck!

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