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Quirky trends you can utilize in the home

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Your home can become a constantly evolving mix of all of the things that you like and love- as is your right. However, fashion trends continuously change and mutate meaning that your home décor is likely to change each season. Every year new concepts are found that can tempt you to update your home rather than completely changing your design. This year, the trends have, unsurprisingly, lent themselves towards creating a comforting and nurturing home as that has been where we have spent most of our time. Mixing modern with vintage and layering texture have all become crucial this year. This article will give you some idea of the new quirky trends for your home. 


One trend that has begun to emerge rapidly throughout 2020 and 2021 is the craving for honest comforts. Cuddly textures and traditional style furniture are becoming feature pieces in many of the trendiest homes. Think quirky café with oak tables and furniture covered in layered knitted blankets and thick wool rugs. A way to capitalize on this trend is to search for suppliers of café furniture such as Adage Furniture Melbourne, which can provide cheap options that you can construct yourself. This will bring a real natural feel to your home that you can warm up through the cuddly textures of the throws and cushions. Unique wall hangings made of different fabrics would go well here as well. 

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers in the home have thrived over the past year. Not only is it a casual change from the usual green and vibrant houseplants but these flowers last longer and require less maintenance. The dream. Pampas grasses and dried flowers to seed heads, the aesthetic has a wide appeal in the world just now. They can be found in florists as well as by foraging in nature itself. 

Natural light

The more natural light the better. Homes that can be filled with natural light are always high on the wish list of any prospective homeowner. Spending more time in the home has inspired people to chase the opportunity for more light to be able to creep in from various places. Innovations like roof windows and wider windows have become incredibly popular. This is particularly popular in people’s kitchens. A light airy space will improve your productivity and be beneficial to your wellbeing in the home. 

Earth Colours

Using nature’s color palette is the hottest painting trend of 2021. They are proving popular when selecting bold colors for an accent wall or key furniture pieces. Dark blues and greens can make a statement in a room. Though the trick is not to overdo it. You should choose one part of the wall and then get your furniture to complement it rather than covering the whole room in a bold earthy color. 


It can be hard to stay in front of the trends for home design. They are constantly evolving and not everything will suit your taste or space. The trick is to find what you like and then see what works in the space you have. Then you will be able to design a space that all your friends will be jealous of. 


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